Abu Dhabi:

Abu Dhabi Police has announced that heavy-duty trucks, lorries, and buses carrying more than 50 passengers will be banned on Abu Dhabi roads between 8am to 10am, and from 2pm to 4pm throughout Ramadan. Buses carrying 50 passengers or more have also been banned from 8am to 10am.

Police have urged heavy-duty truck and bus drivers to adhere to the schedule in order to help make the emirate’s roads safer during the fasting month. Elsewhere, the General Directorate of Civil Defence in Abu Dhabi has also urged owners of Ramadan tents to adhere to safety regulations during the fast. Colonel Mohammad Mayouf Al Ketbi, Director of Abu Dhabi Civil Defence, called on tents to have fire extinguishers and stressed that electrical works should be carried out by qualified and licenced technicians.