mosques reopen
Mosques reopen in UAE on Wednesday Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Officials in Dubai are working on an initiative to improve services for donors and patrons of mosques, which have continued despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Specific categories in the customer service classification will be enhanced, said Dubai’s Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) on Tuesday.

“IACAD is keen on integration and harmony with the events and developments surrounding the community, by securing approved mechanisms and processes in coordination with the relevant government agencies to improve the services of mosque patronsl,” said Adel Jumaa Matar, director of customer service at IACAD.

“The pandemic was a new challenge, but it did not prevent us from working smoothly without interruption, and IACAD proved its effectiveness, efficiency and readiness to adapt to the changes,” said Nouf Ebrahim Al Madani, head of donor relations section at IACAD.

Al Madani added that she and her team held 14 remote meetings with mosque donors and patrons to monitor their needs, expectations, and observations.

The donors and patrons of mosques, she said, “expressed their full readiness through their discussion of the current crisis, post-crisis and the impact on services, to achieve and implement the best security and safety standards as approved by IACAD and in line with the precautionary procedures followed by the competent authorities”.