The missing woman, Qurat-ul-Ain, with her son Umaid Ali. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A 41-year-old Pakistani woman in Dubai has been missing since November 9 and her husband is desperately seeking help to find her.

Mukhtar Ali, 50, who lives in Muhaisanah-4, told Gulf News: “I last saw my wife, Qurat-ul-Ain (Anny is what most of us call her) when I left for work on November 9. We had breakfast and I went to work. When I returned at around 6pm, I saw the house door locked. I knocked, but no but no one answered. I never carried a key as my wife never left home. So I got the master key from the security guard and was able to get in. My wife was not inside. I saw the same breakfast plates on the table but she was gone. She had not taken anything with her, even her mobile phone was lying at home.”

“I searched for her at my friends’ and relatives’ houses but I was not able to find her. I checked nearby hospitals with no success. Then I reported the incident to the police and also sought help from the Pakistani Consulate,” he added.

Son joins appeal

Anny’s 21-year-old son, Umaid Ali, who is based in the US also posted pictures of his mother on social media. “Please help find my mom who has been missing since (November 9). All of us are really worried,” he said.

Mukhtar and Anny have been married for 22 years. They are both from Karachi and have been long-time residents of Dubai.

‘No reason she left’

Mukhtar said he could not find a reason why his wife left. “She could probably be upset after I told her she has to go back to Pakistan because of coronavirus pandemic-related financial difficulties,” noted Mukhtar, adding: “She had depression before and she had undergone medical treatment.

“Her depression was probably triggered. She does not want to leave the UAE but her visa has been cancelled and I had already booked a ticket. She was supposed to fly home on November 16,” Mukhtar added.