Dubai: When it comes to getting access to reliable and safe electricity, the UAE, represented by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa), outdid its peers worldwide once again for the second straight year.

The World Bank’s Doing Business 2019 report ranked the UAE, through Dewa, as the first out of 190 countries when it comes to getting electricity as a criteria in determining the ease of doing business in a country.

Garnering a 100 per cent score in all criteria, Dewa was cited by the report as a “good example of balancing efficiency and compliance”. The report argues that unreliable power supply, unregulated electricians and lack of regulations on ensuring public safety undermine productivity and economic development.

“A complicated connection process, for example, can make obtaining a new electricity connection for a newly incorporated startup. Furthermore, once connected to the grid, firms may face blackouts that force them to halt productions,” the report read.

Dewa received a perfect score in getting electricity and reliability of supply and transparency of tariffs index. Its Al Namoos service is tailor-made to provide consultants and contractors with electricity connections of up to 150 kilowatts (kW) in just two steps from the earlier three within 10 days.

“Dewa achieved 100 per cent in all criteria, this includes achieving 100 per cent in the procedures required to obtain an electricity connection and making it easier for customers. We also achieved 100 per cent in the time required, by reducing the time needed for electricity connections. In a move that boosts Dubai’s economy, Dewa has also waived the connection costs and security deposit for industrial and commercial projects requiring loads of up to 150 kilowatts, resulting in a score of 100 per cent as well,” Saeed Mohammad Al Tayer, Managing Director and CEO of Dewa, said.

“In the reliability and transparency of tariffs indicator too, Dewa achieved 100 per cent. Dewa achieved very competitive results in global benchmarking. It achieved the lowest customer minutes lost per year (CML) in the world of 2.68 CML, compared to 15 minutes in Europe,” he added.

Al Tayer said sustaining the number one position in getting electricity for the second consecutive year with scores of 100 per cent, as well as our joint efforts with other government departments on their business areas, have contributed to the UAE achieving 11th position globally compared to the 21st position in 2018.