Diplomats urge Dubai residents to stay at home Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: The heads of various diplomatic missions in Dubai and the Northern Emirates have come up with special video messages telling their respective countrymen in their own language to stay at home this weekend while UAE authorities are conducting a massive sterilisation campaign against coronavirus (COVID-19).

Responding to a request from Gulf News, the consuls general, who were also staying at their homes, sent clips in Filipino, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Dutch, Bahasa Indonesia, Sinhala and English with a strong and unified message: “Please stay at home”.

Li Xuhang, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Dubai, said in Chinese: “I hereby call on everyone to comply with the UAE government’s epidemic prevention regulations and stay at home. As we all know, our most successful experience in fighting against COVID-19 in China is to stay at home.”

“Right now, the Chinese Consulate General is holding an online joint defence and control conference, following the guidance and instructions of President Xi Jinping to provide logistical support for everyone. May I urge everyone to stay at home and in this way the virus will be killed.”

“Our Consulate General will mobilise all kinds of resources from Chinese-funded institutions, overseas Chinese and students in Dubai to backup everyone. United, we will definitely win the people’s war against the epidemic,” Li told Gulf News.

The consuls general from the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Netherlands, Indonesia and Sri Lanka also delivered inspiring and reassuring messages to everyone that we can overcome this global pandemic.

There is a silver lining in the current crisis, according to Philippine Consul General Paul Raymund Cortes.

“This global health crisis will bring out the best in humanity and highlight the virtues we will need to come out of this – perhaps scathed and battered – but definitely wiser, more compassionate, generous and selfless,” Cortes underlined.

He added: “All of us have a role to play as we hold hands to defeat this virus - big or small, in the forefront or in the sidelines. It matters not whether our role is a leading one or that of a follower. What is crucial is how each of us can inspire one another during these times so that we become an even stronger, productive and harmonious society.”

Hans Sandee, Consul-General of the Netherlands and commissioner-general to Expo 2020, added: “Because of COVID-19 we all have to deal with exceptional circumstances that require exceptional measures. The UAE takes full responsibility when it comes to tackling the crisis and mitigating the negative effects as much as possible. I call on all the people living and staying in the UAE to carefully follow the instructions of the UAE government and to take its advice seriously.

“Help each other as much as possible. And in so doing, I’m sure in the end, together, we’ll get out stronger,” Sandee underlined.

“This is a time that every individual must act responsibly and adhere to health directives by the authorities. We can overcome this challenge by collectively and individually contributing to the fight against coronavirus,” added Sri Lankan Consul General Nalinda Wijerathna.