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Dubai: As more than a million students prepare to return to schools nationwide on Sunday, the Ministry of Education on Saturday said significant changes made in the education system will support the UAE’s diversified economy in the coming years.

In a message issued to parents, teachers and students, Hussain Ebrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, said: “We are receiving the new academic year optimistically as it will be different from previous ones due to the significant changes and integrations made by the ministry to develop a unique educational system that supports a diversified and flexible economy based on knowledge and led by qualified Emiratis who will be able to continue the progress of prosperity and development in the UAE.”

“I am fully confident that our teachers are passionately eager to start the academic year to pursue their important role in bringing up and teaching our sons the noble morals and values that are consistent with ours so as to drive our country forward and achieve our aspirations.”

The minister urged teachers to pay special attention to research and development and explore new ways to upgrade and develop teaching methods according to the latest global practices. The ministry will spare no efforts to provide new development and vocational training opportunities and will offer the latest educational tools and techniques.

The success, Al Hammadi said, depends on devotion and exploiting time. “It also depends on setting a good example for students, as our students are a trust in our hands. I would also like to advise you to be soft on students and treat them very well because if a student loved his teacher, he would accept everything from him.”

He said his ministry will make efforts to “create an exceptional educational system” through a qualitative shift in line with the UAE’s vision 2021 and the national educational agenda.

Education is the cornerstone of the nation’s development and the most important investment in the future generation and that’s why the national agendas for the UAE’s vision 2021 focused on the development of the educational system and upgrading it according to the best practices used in this field, Al Hammadi added.

He pointed out that reforms in the education sector are a key pillar of the UAE’s vision 2021 as the country is moving towards a knowledge-based economy.

In a related context, the ministry of education has published on its website a list of accredited institutions of higher education and academic programmes in the UAE.

The move aims to provide students with true information about all institutions of higher educations and academic programmes accredited in the UAE.

Ahmad Abdullah Humaid Bel Houl Al Falasi, Minister of State for Higher Education, said, “The ministry advises all students to make sure that the universities and the academic programme they want to join are accredited and licensed by the ministry to ensures the ministry’s ratification on certificates after graduation or when a student wants to move from university to another.

The higher education institutions and the academic programmes are licensed and accredited according to authentic standards that are in line with those widely known internationally, Al Falasi added.

More than 1.03 million students will return to schools on Sunday across the UAE.

The number of students in Abu Dhabi public schools is 130,324 while in private schools it is 237,290

The number of students in Dubai public schools is 29,400 while in private schools it is 259,595

The number of students in Sharjah public schools is 40,770 while in private schools it is 172,309

The number of students in Ajman public schools is 15,641 while in private schools is 46,113

The number of students in Umm Al Quwain public schools is 5,441 while in private schools is 4,846

The number of students in Fujairah public schools is 22,450 while in private schools it is 14,369

The number of students in Ras Al Khaimah public schools is 33,294 while in private schools it is 25,154