Carports should be used for parking vehicles only, says a flyer issued by Emaar Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai Emaar has begun cracking down on Emirates Living and Arabian Ranches residents who flout community rules.

It is also distributing flyers on instructions, and penalties against those flouting the guidelines.

Top on the list is a ban on keeping flower pots and other structures in front of car ports in residents’ villas. “Carports should be used for parking vehicles only…any items stored would be considered an obstruction and a violation of the Community Rules…placing pots, statues, lights fences, lanterns, basketball hoops and other structures on the common area boundary wall is not allowed…” read Emaar’s guidelines.

‘Remove flower pots’

Those failing to remove pots and other structures in front of villas will be fined Dh500.

“Last month the security landed up at my doorstep, asking me to remove our flower pot. I was surprised to say the least as he waited till we had it removed,” a Lakes resident said. Besides flower pots, placing bamboo shoots and mesh on garden doors too are out of boundary limits, according to Emaar.

The developer also warned residents to clean their garbage bins regularly to avoid bad odour. “Tie your garbage bag tightly before placing it in the bin…. In the interest of hygiene, regularly clean your bin...” read the flyer to residents.

Emaar will fine residents Dh500 who poorly maintain their bins. “We thought it was the responsibility of the waste management team to clean the bins placed in front of villas. They should carry a disinfectant when they pick up the garbage so there will be no bad odour,” said an Arabian Ranches resident.