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Ajman: A baker caught spitting in dough while preparing bread at a bakery in Ajman has been arrested, Ajman Police confirmed on Saturday.

A video clip of the act was widely spread on social media after the baker was filmed spitting in the bread, and following widespread public disgust online an arrest was made in cooperation with Ajman Police and the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Mubarak Al Ghafli, Director of Al-Jarf Comprehensive Police Station, said police made an arrest after receiving a report from the Municipality about an Asian man spitting in bread.

Police brought in a specialist doctor to take samples from the accused. The accused was then kept in solitary confinement as a precautionary measure ahead of him being transferred to public prosecution.

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A municipality worker stamps a closure notice to the bakery Image Credit: Supplied

The bakery was immediately closed and necessary measures were taken by the municipality.

Al Ghafli urged the community to report any person or act that could harm the public, stressing that police would also be on the lookout for those who flout the law to harm others.