Abu Dhabi: For the 13 students who were a part of Jalal's Art Trip, which was created by Jalal Luqman, an Emirati artist and founder of the Ghaf Gallery, all the stress and hard work were worth it.

Last Sunday they had successfully showcased their works, which were inspired by their trip to Sir Baniyas Island, in an exhibition that will run until Wednesday in the gallery.

"We believe that the islands can be a part of such initiatives and are proud to be a part of Jalal's Art Trip, which helps support Emiratis, especially younger generations and encourage them to become artists," George Chackar, TDIC Communications Manager, Western Region, said.

The exhibition was the ‘graduation' of the students from Jalal's Art Trip programme, which meant they are, at least in the eyes of their mentor, fully-fledged artists in their own right.

"Jalal wants to encourage people to be creative and is at his best when does just that. Galleries need to continue support artists. The more they exhibit, the more people become comfortable viewing and buying art," Mohammad Abdul Latif Kanoo, co-founder, Ghaf Gallery, said.

For the students, the workshops, art trip and exhibition provided them with an opportunity to not only hone their skills and discover various mediums and styles but for some, it helped them re-discover their passion for art.

"I had stopped painting for about seven years before I was given the chance to be a part of Jalal's workshops and art trip. It was an amazing experience and I had learnt a lot. I had always like art but my father persuaded me to keep it as a hobby and pursue something else," Maha Bader Al Yafei, an Emirati said.