Las Vegas: CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics event, is now in full swing in Las Vegas, highlighting a huge variety of impressive, useful, and downright weird gadgets.

From medical equipment to enormous TV screens, tablets to talking tables, autonomous pizza delivery vehicles and cameras, there is something for everyone at CES.

Here, we take a look at some of the best products at this year’s event so far.

SanDisk’s 1TB USB stick


A small, sleek USB drive that contains 1,000 gigabytes (GB) of space. Most USB sticks currently hold around 8GB to 32GB of space, so this device represents a huge increase in that.

Unfortunately, it’s still just a prototype, and there’s no release date, but by the end of the year, industry analysts expect these kinds of devices to begin hitting the market, albeit at a fairly expensive price point. Similarly-sized sticks currently retail for around $350.


As the name suggests, this robot is capable of folding your clothes for you. However, you’ll need to be lazy and rich if you want to acquire the services of FoldiMate: It’ll cost you $980, and sadly won’t ship until late 2019. So you might still have to fold a shirt or two in the meantime.



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One thing likely to catch peoples’ attention from Sony’s press conference on Monday was the appearance of Aibo, the recently-resurrected robotic dog, which Sony famously launched over a decade ago.

Previously announced in November 2017, Sony chief executive Kazuo Hirai said that over time, Aibo will now recognise its owner, and deepen its emotional bond with them. The robotic canine, which is now 4G and LTE enabled, also features cloud backup services, OLED eyes, deep learning AI, and a camera with which to take photos.

Travis the Translator

Travis is a portable device that uses artificial intelligence to translate speech to speech in 80 languages, all in less than two seconds. For $179, customers can hold the power of language in their pocket:

Travis is the size of a smartphone, and can instantaneously translate English speech in to 80 different languages, and can also listen and translate those languages back in to English. Viola!

LG’s 65 inch rolling TV


South Korean electronics giant LG has developed a stunning 65 inch, 4K OLED TV that has one extremely unique feature: It can be rolled up like a giant newspaper. LG say that this will allow customers to make the most of living space without the need for it to be dominated by a large screen.

The TV simply unrolls when needed. Sadly this is just a prototype at the moment, so there is no pricing or release date, but such an innovative technology is bound to see the light of day sometime in the near future.