Al Wahda claimed top honours in the Mother of the Nation Championship title following the final round at Abu Dhabi’s Jiu-Jitsu Arena.
Jiu-jitsu is popular with women of all ages across the UAE. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation (UAEJJF) will endorse and undertake several initiatives to drive awareness around breast cancer across October in support of ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’.

This show of solidarity is in line with contributing to community-strengthening initiatives and with a mandate to be a steadfast pillar of society.

Several initiatives have been planned by the UAEJJF to drive awareness about breast cancer. Chief among them is a gathering of women from different backgrounds and ethnicities to share their stories of hope, empowerment, and inspiration in the challenge to drive awareness around the disease and to encourage women to undergo regular health check-ups.

Decorated female fighters, many of whom represent the UAE in international jiu-jitsu competitions, will also record messages of support and inspiration, urging women around the country and the region to pay increased attention to their health, make exercise an integral part of their daily life, and provide encouragement to overcome the disease through persistence, patience, and courage — values that are an integral part of jiu-jitsu’s ethos.

The UAEJJF also intends to promote programmes that work towards early detection of breast cancer and propagate the adoption of a healthy and active lifestyle through the practice of the sport that allows women to stay fit and healthy.

UAEJJF board member Samira Al Rumaithi, said: “Our objective is to spread the benefits conferred on the human body through regular exercise and through fostering a positive outlook towards life. The fight against breast cancer is a long one and the UAEJJF is committed to raising awareness around this disease, and sensitising the community about paying increased attention to signs of change in bodies that can lead to early detection and treatment of the disease.”

She added: “We take pride in being a sporting body that is a responsible and aware member of the community. We are passionate about giving back to society and driving positive change that benefits people, mentally and physically. The Breast Cancer Awareness Month initiative is another step in our journey to help develop a healthy, sporty, and active community.”

October is celebrated globally as Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the annual campaign being used to increase awareness around the disease and to promote early-detection initiatives. Early detection of breast cancer has been seen to raise probability of survival up to 90 per cent and an active lifestyle that incorporates regular exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of a variety of cancers by 33 per cent.

The UAEJJF is committed towards promoting a culture of healthy living in the UAE and encouraging the community to adopt an active lifestyle. Practicing jiu-jitsu regularly can contribute to better health quality, help maintain a healthy weight, substantially improve cardiovascular functioning, and strengthen the immune system.