Federer answers a question post match with S. Negal
Federer answers a question post match with S. Negal Image Credit: Screenshot Twitter/ @usopen

What you need to know:

  • A reporter asks Federer a question on-court, after his match with India's Nagal, and social media users found it disrespectful. 

Dubai: Swiss Tennis champion Roger Federer faced India’s Sumit Nagal at the US Open today, and won, however a post-match interview with the world number three had social media users seething.

But, to no fault of Federer, according to tweeps.

In an on-court interview with a journalist from American sports media, ESPN, a reporter asked Federer: “We change the ‘G’ and add a ‘D’ - did you think for a second it was Nadal?”

The reporter was making a reference to tennis world number two, Rafael Nadal.

The question did not go down well with social media users.

Twitter user @KataraAnurag posted: “How can he compare Nadal with Nagal? Disrespectful question for both Indian and Spaniard.”

While tweep @Mr_Beechcroft posted: “Dumb question.”

Federer laughed and replied: “No... but maybe for you guys on social media it is.”

Federer was backed by the crowed who shouted a resounding “No” at the reporter’s “silly” question.

Disrespect intended?

The 20 second clip was shared by the official twitter account of the @usopen and was watched more than 55,000 times.

Some online users claimed that the question asked was “light-hearted”.

Tweep @RahulTN36889769 posted: “Come on. That was all in good spirits. No need to whine about it. Nothing meant against anybody. Nadal and Fed places are secured in history.”

User @SwavZielin posted: “Light hearted talk post-match is his job. He talks serious otherwise all the time ....”

And tweep @michael_eeps echoed the same sentiment of the reporter and posted: “I think Fed is seeing Nadal, instead of Nagal.”

Many others found the exchange disrespectful for the players in question and thought the whole exchange was cringe-worthy.

Tweep @Oldschoolhugh posted: “And they say there’s no such thing as a stupid question.”

Tweep @CheekyCat3 posted: “Love the resounding NO!”

Federer praised for reply

Many fans praised Federer for his witty reply, and for not disrespecting any player.

Tweep @AnnaNono22972 posted: “Fair play to Roger for not disrespecting Nagal. That was a stupid question.”

@AmaetyaChoudha1 posted: “Love the honest reply.”

And @jag1986 posted: “@rogerfederer is a gentleman, it was completely disrespectful ... to do something like that.”

@LindsayWillis1 posted: “Stick to questions about the match or let the players get off the court.”

Federer vs Nagal score

While India’s Sumit Nagal won the first set 6-4, the remaining sets were won by Federer.

According to reports, Nagal successfully broke Federer’s serves thrice, but the Swiss player maintained his composure throughout the game.

Sumit Nagal
Sumit Nagal returns to Roger Federer during the first round of the US Open tennis tournament in New York, on August 26, 2019. Image Credit: AP

The final match score was: 4-6 6-1 6-2 6-4.

Despite losing, users on twitter praised Nagal for putting up a good fight against the champion. 

Tweep @1dukes posted: “A guy whose name is close to Nadal who dresses like Djokovic (Novak) while playing Federer. Neat.”

And Tweep @Bugsabee posted: “Now this was unexpected.”

Federer is currently ranked No. 3 in the world, in Tennis, and Nagal is ranked No. 190. Nagal is out of the US Open.

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