Mahesh Bhupathi Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: The founder of the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) is convinced the Asia-centric competition will sustain itself and grow in the next few years.

The inaugural edition of the IPTL that was conceived and founded by former Indian doubles star Mahesh Bhupathi ended at the Hamdan Sports Complex on Saturday night.

Bhupathi, who has been working together with his team to put the first edition for more than two years now, was delighted that the IPTL was “a job well done”.

The concept of each city being represented by a franchise has caught on among the players and coaching staff and Bhupathi thinks his novel idea will have many more backers in the near future.

“I think we did well with everything we had conceived from the outset. And while we went about with the planning and the execution of the competition, we maintained an openness to ideas and thoughts coming to us from any direction. This is a new concept and I can say that we have done well in the first year itself,” Bhupathi said.

“We have four teams and the idea will always be to ensure we grow slowly. This was only an idea and we are one-year old already. Maybe we will add another team or at the most two teams for the next edition. There have been a lot of suggestions and things will get clear once we sit down and discuss these various suggestions,” he added.