Boris Becker Image Credit: AFP

London: Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker is claiming diplomatic immunity from ongoing bankruptcy proceedings in the UK on the basis that he is an ambassador for the Central African Republic, British media reported on Friday.

Lawyers for Becker, a former world No. 1, lodged a claim Thursday in the UK’s High Court asserting immunity after he was appointed a sports attache for the Central African Republic in April, the Press Association said.

Becker — who won six Grand Slams in the 1980s and 90s — was declared bankrupt by a London court in June 2017 for failing to pay a long-standing debt.

But his position as attache to the European Union on sporting, cultural and humanitarian affairs is covered by the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

This means the consent of UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and his counterpart in Bangui is needed before Becker is subjected to any legal proceedings, his lawyers said.