Amal Bint Faisal
Amal Bint Faisal reacts to her fourth-placed finish on debut on Friday. Image Credit: Source: Jockey Club Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: Amal Bint Faisal has become the first licenced Saudi Arabian female to compete as a jockey under rules in the country, with her first ride resulting in a fourth-placed finish aboard Saanehah at King Abdulaziz Racecourse in Riyadh on Friday.

Faisal became the first Saudi woman to gain a jockey’s licence from the Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia (JCSA) last October and now stands as the first and only licensed local female jockey to have competed professionally in her country.

Proud moment

Reflecting on the landmark moment, Amal said: “I feel proud that I kept my promise to everyone who supported me and stood by me, and I dedicate this victory to my family, specifically my mother, who has supported me throughout my career since the beginning.

“Prince Bandar and Prince Abdullah Bin Khalid overcame all odds and contributed to my goal of achieving this dream. I also want to thank the owner, Abdulelah Al Mousa, for his moral and financial support throughout my career.

Continue to be an example

“Special thanks to coach Bandar Hamdam, who made me a jockey on the field, I owe this achievement to him. And I do not forget the great role of the Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia in preparing all that is necessary to be the first female jockey to actively participate in the races.

“I promise to continue giving and to set an example for all the daughters of the country in riding horses as a professional jockey.”

To mark the occasion, Amal also wore breeches inscribed “FIRST FEMALE”.