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The historic landing of India’s Chandrayaan-3 on the Moon’s surface is scheduled for August 23. The excitement back on Earth is palpable, with India looking like it could clinch the title of the first nation to touch down on the moon’s south pole.

Chandrayaan-3, has been sashaying through the cosmos since its epic launch from Sriharikota, it’s been smooth sailing — no hiccups, no glitches.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) has been chanting “all systems go,” and if they pull this off, it’s going to be a historic touchdown that’ll put India in the cosmic hall of fame.

Lunar Precision
Chandrayaan-3’s Vikram lander is on track to execute a touchdown on the surface of Moon at 4:34 PM, UAE time, August 23

Lunar paparazzi and anticipation

Picture this: ISRO’s craft capturing the moon’s craters with a hazard detection and avoidance camera, like a lunar paparazzi looking for the perfect landing spot.

If all goes well, this could be an unprecedented win for India’s science, engineering, technology, and industry.

Image Credit: Gulf News

Touching down at the moon’s south pole is no moonwalk. It’s like landing a skateboard on a cosmic rollercoaster!

A few years ago, India’s rover missed the mark due to a software slip-up. But this time, Isro has revamped Chandrayaan-3 with more fuel, sturdier legs, and a determined spirit.

If successful, India would be making history as the fourth nation to pull off a lunar soft landing and the very first to conquer the moon’s south pole.

‘Seven minutes of pure terror’
In a cosmic choreography of gravity, orbits, and the ultimate touchdown, the spacecraft embarks on a daring escapade. This heart-pounding interstellar ballet, often dubbed ‘seven minutes of terror,’ encapsulates seven minutes of pure adrenalin. During this electrifying phase, the spacecraft takes the cosmic stage alone, with zero help from engineers and scientists as they anxiously — like billions around the world — await the cosmic crescendo.

Chandrayaan-3’s daring descent

On Aug. 23, Chandrayaan-3 is taking a plunge and it is expected to be a nail-biter as it twists and turns, aligning perfectly for a touchdown that could make history.

Vikram Lander, part of Chandrayaan-3, is doing a cosmic tango with the moon. Imagine it as a sleek spaceship elegantly waltzing through the stars.

Cameras flashing, sensors buzzing, and a cosmic computer making split-second decisions — this is a cosmic drama unfolding in 73 seconds. Will Vikram Lander’s descent end with a smooth touchdown? It’s cosmic drama at its best!

OPN Chandrayaan-3
The Vikram lander is on track to execute a gentle touchdown on August 23 at 4:34 PM, UAE time Image Credit: ISRO

Leaving footprints on the Moon

India’s Pragyan rover is ready to make its mark with Isro’s logo and India’s emblem etched on the moon’s surface. Throughout this intricate sequence, Vikram and Pragyan will photograph each other amid the lunar backdrop.

These mesmerising images will embark on a journey back to our planet via an exclusive communication conduit, utilising cutting-edge Isro Deep Space Network Antennas.

LIVE! Chandrayaan-3 Landing Tracker The Launch Pad

Following the confirmation of Vikram and Pragyan’s secure status, Isro will shift gears into a phase of comprehensive experimentation.

This scientific endeavour will delve into the Moon’s soil and plasma environment that envelops it, unlocking secrets that have lingered for ages.