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“Ensuring your child’s school safety is primarily your responsibility.” Picture used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pexels/Jessica Pope

Dubai: As children return to school on August 28, health authorities in the UAE have been raising awareness on best health and safety tips that parents should follow.

The UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) shared a series of informative posts on its social media channels this week, to inform parents, teachers and schools on the best practices they should follow.

How to boost your child’s immunity

MOHAP advised parents on essential nutritional tips that they can follow to maintain a well-balanced diet for their child. These are:

• Make sure your child gets five servings of vegetables and fruits daily.
• Take a teaspoon of all-natural honey from bees.
• Consider including immune-boosting foods like:
- Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in a diverse range of fruits and vegetables.
- Probiotics present in yoghurt and low-fat dairy products.
- Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and unsalted, unroasted nuts.

The Ministry also urged parents to ensure their child’s health and safety, and said: “Ensuring your child’s school safety is primarily your responsibility.”

It asked parents to follow these preventive measures for a healthier academic year:

1. Ensure your child stays home if showing signs of illness to prevent infection transmission.
2. Stay updated on essential vaccinations for your child.
3. Educate your child on proper handwashing techniques.

Schools should also stay alert

The Ministry also advised schools to ensure they respond as required when they see that a child is showing symptoms of illness. For school authorities, these are the best practices the Ministry advised in case of symptomatic children:

- Isolate the affected student in a well-ventilated room
- Provide a medical mask if needed
- Advise the student to remain at home until recovery
- Promptly communicate with parents to inform them of the situation.

It also asked schools to educate students and raise awareness on the following aspects of public safety and hygiene:

- Washing hands with soap and water
- Covering nose and mouth with a tissue or elbow when sneezing or coughing
- Maintaining physical distance and consulting the school doctor for obvious symptoms.
- Staying home if showing signs of illness or wearing masks while at school.
- Spreading health awareness through school activities.

Teachers were also asked to ensure a healthy school environment and disease prevention by maintaining cleanliness and ensuring disinfection in school classrooms, especially of frequently touched surfaces and objects.

How to prepare your child for the new academic year?
Establish a Routine: Create a structured schedule for your child before school starts, including consistent bedtimes, mealtimes, and study schedules.
Set Goals: Help your child set realistic and achievable goals for the year. Write them down and review them periodically to keep them motivated.
Organise School Supplies: Ensure your child has all the necessary supplies and help them organise their backpack and materials for easy access.
Review Previous Year's Work: Spend some time recalling the events of the past year, such as achievements, challenges, school routines, and health routines, and try to create a new plan for this new school year.
Encourage Reading: Foster a love for reading by visiting the library, recommending books, and discussing what your child is reading.
Foster a Positive Mindset: Help your child develop a positive attitude towards learning, dealing with challenges, and seeing mistakes as opportunities for growth.
Medical check-up: Check that your child is ready for the school year by getting a medical check-up done. Ensure that all the needed vaccines are taken.
Source: Dubai Health Authority