Teacher shares ‘hilarious’ tattles from children
Teacher shares ‘hilarious’ tattles from children Image Credit: Screengrab

Remember, back in school, when the teacher would be teaching in class, there would always be that one child who would interrupt to tell on a classmate?

A US teacher just found a solution to stop students from interrupting her in class, and her videos have TikTok users in stitches.

Jillian Magee, 30, a third-grade teacher in Washington DC, made a tattletale box and a tattle form. She took to TikTok to share the ‘hilarious’ tattles she received.

From "he is chewing too loudly" and "she's not minding her own business" to more important tattles, she gets daily updates from her class. One of her videos has 31 million views.

TikTok users are finding the problems of eight-year-olds hilarious.

Tiktoker @Montezchanel wrote: “Thank you omg I love kids. They’re so real and pure with their words.” Along with a laughing emoji.

Another user @bashful21 wrote: “These are so funny! Please keep sharing them every day.”

According to a story on the American news website, Fox News, Magee said: "Kids are going to tell you every little thing that’s going on. They would interrupt me mid-sentence in the middle of class with very random tattles on other students."

In the report, Magee said that when her students would alert her to the fact that someone "bumped into me on purpose" or "didn’t mind her business", she needed a way to keep them on track, while she returned to her daily lessons.

"I eventually started telling them to just write it down on a sticky note and put it on my desk, but then my desk would be full of sticky notes," said the teacher, who has been teaching for seven years.

She printed a ‘Tattle Form’, asking students to provide their names and some information about their "tattle".

She then used an empty tissue box, which became a receptacle for notes containing details of the smallest issues bothering her students.

Every day, she sifts through the complaints. "If there's anything super important, I always address it and talk to them about it," Magee said.

Important tattles could be anything that involves inappropriate words or when something that she knows is not true and the student may have been trying to get somebody else in trouble, the article said.

"… they are the ones that I’m like, ‘I have to talk to you about this.’ Chewing loudly and making fart noises — I don’t need to talk about it," she said.

According to Magee the biggest benefit of this idea has been 'conflict resolution'.

And, TikToker can’t agree more. Some even think the system could be useful for adult workplaces.

TikTok user @alannanicole91 posted: “I feel like tattle boxes should be used in the workplace too.”

It also helped reserved students find their voice, Magee added.

According to the article, she said: "If they have something that they want to tell me, but they're too afraid to say it in person, they can write it down instead.”

Magee is not the first teacher to implement this system. Another teacher on TikTok shared a similar form and a “Tattle Monster” box for a class of six-year-olds.