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February 16, 1988: Top Sri Lankan politician shot dead

February 16, 1988: Film star-turned-politician Vijaya Kumaranatunge gunned down in Colombo

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Actor turned politician Vijaya Kumaranatunge. - Gulf News Archives
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Top Sri Lankan politician shot dead

1988 - Film star-turned-politician Vijaya Kumaranatunge was shot dead by two unidentified gunmen near his residence in Colombo. Kumaranatunge was shot in the face and the chest as he was talking to some men selling flower pots near the gate. The gunmen drove up to the house on a motorcycle and opened fire from two Chinese-made T-56 automatics before escaping. Kumaranatunge was pronounced dead on admission to hospital. His wife Chandrika, and the chief of joint operations command, Lt Gen Cyril Ranatunge, were the first to visit the hospital. The driver of a pick-up selling the flower pots gave chase to the motorcycle for a while, but gave it up later. Ten empty T-56 cartridges were found on the compound of the house. Bullet marks were also spotted on the guard-house at the entrance.

February 16

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