Being a teenager, we get told to read the news and have some idea about the recent situations in the world. The one that’s most talked about is equality. In the process of getting freedom and equality, the world seems to have forgotten about equity. I’m pretty sure that many reading this word currently don’t even know what it means. Equity means that the quality is fair and impartial.

I am aware of the fact that we are still fighting for equality and freedom in our own countries’ democracy and constitutions. Equity is blind to our differences, but drives the idea that we all should be treated the same. Take India for example. If we look deeper into their constitution, it is completely based on equity. Our judiciary doesn’t judge one’s caste or creed, it judges on what’s right or wrong.

Most of us would say that equity follows equality, but I think it’s the other way. Have you ever thought that if people were treated fairly and impartially, we wouldn’t need to protest for greater equality? There would already be equality. A number of revolutions and wars could have been subsided with the idea of treating everyone fair. I think that we should be fighting for equity and that in doing so, eventually, equality will find its own path.

- The reader is a high school student based in Dubai.