Traffic jam
Errant drivers are always in a hurry; they can’t be bothered to wait in line. Their focus is on getting to the destination quickly. Image Credit: Pixabay

The queue is long when I join the motorists waiting to take the right turn at a traffic signal. I inch forward, admiring the patience and discipline of the drivers in the 100-metre-long line. Suddenly, out of the blue, a car speeds past us to the head of the queue, cuts in and takes the right turn. Blimey! It’s gone.

What was that? Why did he do that? Are we fools to stay in line? Questions, plenty of questions, raced through my mind. I tell myself to calm down and focus on the road. There’s no point in losing my temper over an unruly driver.

I come across such drivers regularly. These errant drivers are always in a hurry; they can’t be bothered to wait in line. But if all drivers are impatient, there would be pandemonium on the roads as all vehicles head to the exit at the same time.

Hustlers on the street

Mercifully, most motorists patiently queue up, awaiting their turn. It’s part of driving etiquette and good manners on the road. When there’s a queue, you join it; that’s common sense, good behaviour. That makes driving a pleasure.

For unruly drivers, it’s not about enjoying the drive; they focus on getting to the destination quickly. They are prepared to bend a few rules and hustle some law-abiding drivers so long as they can get ahead.

These ill-mannered drivers could argue that they are not breaking the law. And they merely benefit from the generosity of the motorists who let them through. That’s not always the case. More often, these motorists force their way into the head of the queue, where some drivers would rather let them through than risk a crash. So they profit from the fear factor.

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The disgusting behaviour is not limited to jumping traffic queues. I’m sure these motorists also weave in and out of lanes without using indicators and are prone to flashing headlights at cars in front. I wouldn’t be surprised if they use mobile phones while driving because it fits the pattern of aggression on the road.

Aggression has no place on roads. Caution and safety are paramount since crashes can occur even if the drivers’ concentration wavers minutely. Why should people lose their lives due to the negligence of unruly drivers? That’s unpardonable.

Roads are not play areas. Drivers have to respect each other and their spaces. Many accidents can be avoided if motorists are kind to one another. So don’t try to beat the queue. Just be patient, and wait for your turn.

Your life and other lives are more important.