Dubai Police App
You can also use the Dubai Police app to pay for traffic fines that may have been issued to you outside the Emirate or even across GCC countries. Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: If you have exceeded the speed limit or committed a parking violation, one of the easiest ways to check if you have incurred any fines is by downloading the Dubai Police smartphone application.

In fact, this app is not just helpful if you wish to pay for fines issued by Dubai Police – you can also pay for traffic fines that may have been issued to you anywhere in the UAE or even across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

Overall, there are over 21 different types of fines that you can pay for – including municipal or public transport fines – through the online application.

Here are the details.

4 ways in which you can check for fines

The first step is to download the ‘Dubai Police’ smartphone application through the Google Playstore or iOS App Store.

Once you tap on the ‘fine payment’ service, under ‘traffic services’, you will get the option to check for fines in four different ways:

• Vehicle Plate number
T.C. No.
• Driving licence number
• Ticket number

Who can use the service?
When choosing the first option – Vehicle plate number – motorists who have vehicles registered in the following Emirates or countries will be able to search for fines issued on their cars:
Abu Dhabi
Umm Al Quwain
Ras Al Khaimah
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

All the fines you can pay

If you choose to pay for a fine using the ticket number, these are all the fines you will be able to settle through the app:

• Abu Dhabi Municipality
• Abu Dhabi Traffic
• Abu Dhabi Transportation
• Dubai Municipality
• Dubai Police
• Salik
• Parking spaces for trains
• Bus lanes fine
• RTA (Parking fines)
• Sharjah Municipality
• Sharjah Traffic
• Sharjah Transportation
• Ajman Traffic
• Umm Al Quwain Traffic
• Fujairah traffic
• Ras Al Khaimah traffic
• Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
• Qatar
• Kuwait
• Oman
• Bahrain

Once you have entered the selected the fine which you wish to pay for, you will be able to complete the payment by using your credit or debit card.