Dedicated bus lanes in Dubai
RTA bus lanes offer public transport users easier travel options. Image Credit: RTA

Dubai: If you are a new driver in the UAE, you might have come across special ‘bus only’ signs on certain lanes on Dubai roads. What are these dedicated bus lanes and how do they affect you as a motorist or public transport passenger? Here is all you need to know.

What are dedicated bus lanes?

The lanes are clearly marked with a red strip running right in the middle of the lane. You may also spot a ‘Only bus’ marking on the lane as well as road signs warning private vehicles to not use the lane.

That is because these dedicated lanes are primarily for buses and taxis, and have been created to reduce travel time for public transport users. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has provided these lanes on routes that experience heavy traffic to encourage the use of mass transportation.

Apart from buses and taxis, these lanes can also be used by emergency vehicles like police cars, civil defence trucks and ambulances.

All the places in Dubai that have a dedicated bus lane

1. Naif Street 1km

2. Al Ittihad Road – near the Al Mamzar toll gate (500m)

3. Al Mina Street (1.7km from Kuwait Street to the Falcon intersection)

4. Al Mankhool Street (1.8km from Al Satwa roundabout to Sheikh Rashid Street)

5. Al Khaleej Street (1.7km from the Creek Street to Al Musalla Street)

6. Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street (100m from Al Mina Street Intersection to Street 16)

7. Al Ghubaiba Street (500m from Al Mina Street intersection to Street 12)


The roads are closely monitored by radars and if a private vehicle is found using the lane to dodge long lines and avoid traffic, they will face a fine of Dh600.