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Dubai: If you have received the COVID-19 vaccine, there are updated screening protocols that you need to be aware of, which have been approved by the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee and Department of Health.

The new protocols will determine aspects like what your status will be on the Alhosn app, how regularly you need to get retested and how long you need to quarantine if you travel internationally or come in contact with a COVID-19 positive case.

Here is all you need to know about the updated screening protocols.

Status on the Alhosn app

For volunteers in clinical trials, the active icons on the Alhosn app - represented by a gold star on the app - after a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is taken once all doses required by the trial are completed.

For those vaccinated within the national vaccination programme, the active icon - represented by an ‘E’ on the app - appears once a PCR test is taken after 28 days from the second dose.

These active icons will remain valid for seven days.

Having this icon on the Alhosn app would exempt you from taking a PCR or Diffractive Phase Interferometry (DPI) test while entering the emirate of Abu Dhabi, according to the latest guidelines issued by the Abu Dhabi Media Office.

‘Green’ countries

Those arriving from ‘green’ countries, must take a PCR test on arrival and another one on Day 6, without the need to quarantine.

Those arriving from other countries, must take a PCR test on arrival and another one on Day 8, as well as quarantining for 10 days.

According to the Abu Dhabi Media Office the list of ‘green’ countries will be reviewed every two weeks and will be updated on Abu Dhabi’s tourism website

The following countries have been included in the ‘green’ list in the update posted by the website on January 16:

• Bahrain

• Brunei

• China

• Hong Kong (SAR)

• Isle of Man

• Kuwait

• Macao (SAR)

• Mauritius

• Mongolia

• New Caledonia

• New Zealand

• Oman

• Qatar

• Sao Tome and Principe

• Saudi Arabia

• St. Kitts and Nevis

• Taipei

• Thailand

Close contact procedures

If in contact with a positive case, they must quarantine for five days and take a PCR test on Day 4. If the result is negative, the quarantine can end.