Large sea of hands Image Credit: Getty Images

Presently, humankind speaks of an era of limitless possibilities.

We are doing a lot as a race and have even started modifying genes and the process of reproduction.

On November 16, we gathered in groups to speak of something different. We gather in groups, to remind each other of our survival and how everything depended on sticking together and tolerance.

Tolerance is the word of the week. What does it mean? How do we define it?

It is the ability to understand individual differences and be able to be free from judgement. These are definitions that I understand. But I believe, the word tolerance means “the ability to be human”.

To live and let live is no longer taken note of. The customs and beliefs of people have been questioned today. The shortcomings of individuals are not excused.

Nations are divided and many are currently in the middle of civil wars. How did we forget why we survived against the strong and well-adapted Neanderthals? How did we forget that our survival at inception depended on our ability to work together and make communities?

Diversity and empathy is what the world currently needs! What were your contributions? Tell me, were you willing to give to the one next to you? Or are we only thinking of ourselves, do we only use words like “me” and “I”?

Remember you and I are not good at everything. We need to collaborate.

Our goal is not to fix our weaknesses. Our goal is to fortify our strengths. Remember, giving to the person next to you, acknowledging the person next to you will help you symbolise who you are.

This week has been the international week of tolerance but ‘human’ have you really been?

- The reader is a student of a Dubai school.