How many girls do you think are in this photograph? The internet is trying to find out. Image Credit: Tiziana Vergari/Instagram

A picture posted on Instagram by Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari is going viral on the internet. The photograph was originally only supposed to be part of an Instagram hashtag project. Vergari was participating with this entry, under the hashtag #WHPidentity.

Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project is encouraging users to submit photos that focus on individuality this week. But while people commended the aesthetics of the image, many were left wondering about the number of girls actually photographed. It sent Instagram into a spin, as people debated how many girls were in the photo.

The picture was later shared by many on other social media channels, like Twitter and Facebook.

Gulf News shared the picture on its Facebook page and received over a 1,000 comments in response. Most readers were sure that there were only two girls in the photograph.

Gulf News reader Amna Amjad commented: “The original picture contains two girls facing away from each other, and it’s reflected seven times. Hence, if you count the repetition, it’s 14.”

Another reader Al Tabib replied: “I can only see two girls. It’s only reflections of a reflection... left becomes right and right becomes left... So the bands look like they are in different hands or are covered by one hand. It’s all physics...”

Can you guess how many girls are actually in this photo?