Teaching is a divine profession and teachers mould our future generations. Every educated man and woman had a teacher. We celebrate Teacher’s Day at our school by making the students of year 12, dress up as their teachers and conduct a class. We get children in smaller grades to attend these classes. The children are always excited and energetic. They seek continuous attention. It was really difficult to manage them. Towards the end of that period most seniors were exhausted. The effort that went into this was enormous. This made me think about our teachers, and how they work hard to make us understand basic concepts and theories. These teachers have been teaching us about different concepts, the ability to communicate effectively, and so much more. They heled us cultivate morale, and helped us understand our thoughts and emotions, which then help guide us in troubled times. These angels make us who we are today, by providing us with the support that is second to our parents. These teachers affect the future of the society as they have impressionable minds to educate. My mother is also a teacher. Her happiness lies in her class of students and in the success of her students. It is a profession which revolves around positivity. This piece, I dedicate to all the wonderful teachers of our world. Thank you for your efforts to enlighten young minds.

- The reader is a student and resident of Dubai