Pollution across the world is really getting out of hand. Due to the extreme climate in the UAE, we need to switch on our air conditioning systems and buy cars to keep our cool during the day to prevent heatstrokes and skin burns. Even though UAE has provided us enough mass transportation vehicles like the Metro and buses, we still prefer using cars. We are causing an increase in carbon dioxide which absorbs heat and traps it in the Earth’s atmosphere causing global warming. If things went on how they are going on right now, we will not be able to step out of our houses in the next few years. For people who rely on the sidewalks, will not be able to walk to their destinations fearing a heat stroke. Here are five ways to help in reducing air pollution in the UAE. First, Do regular car checkups to make sure it doesn’t consume any extra fuel. Not only will you be saving money but your car will also have a longer lifespan. Second, make use of solar energy. It can save you a ton of energy and money in the long run. Third, quit smoking and if you know a person who does, encourage them to quit the habit. Smoking causes air, water and ground pollution. Recycle, buy and use recycled items. Last but important - plant trees. Plant them around your house and our neighbourhood. Trees have the unique ability to reduce the amount of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide as well as particulate pollutants in the air.

- The reader is based in the UAE