Getting fit and staying fit is an ideal way to ensure a long, healthy life. No matter what your age is, fitness of the body and mind is vital. But as we age, we tend to slow down and lead a sedentary lifestyle. We all know that ageing is inevitable but we can build our bodies so that we do not have any issues at the time. With age, people develop some discomfort and this leads to the lack of confidence, decreased energy and more. It can be an unpleasant experience.

Our bodies are constantly changing and at every stage we need to take care of it. Whether it is our physique, our growing wrinkles, receding hairline, fading hair colour, or general fatigue, we will be surrounded by many ailments when we age. Being active, physically as well as mentally is important as it teaches our body and mind to work and analyse situations. A simple method should be to take care of our health, start moving, exercising and keeping fit as much as possible. Maintaining a balanced diet is essential too. We need to relax more, laugh and enjoy life because it is short. We need to make the best of it now and make life sustainable as we age. Discovering new passions, doing something that we like, spending time with family and friends and accepting, whole- heartedly the change that age brings with it, is the best way to look at life and take it as it comes.

- The reader is a resident of India