Sometimes, the enormous efforts that we put in towards a sole purpose bears no fruit. We devote days and nights towards it, yet everything seems to be falling apart. We end up overthinking, crying, feeling embarrassed and what not. All this leads to giving up. We learn not to fight for ourselves when things go wrong. What if Albert Einstein had done that? We would have lost a great scientist.

Something common among all the great personalities that we have known is that they never gave up. They worked consistently, ignoring all the negative comments that they might have received and proved their worth to everyone in this world. If they would have given up and never made the required adjustments, they would have never been what they are right now.

We all are special and unique. We all have similar abilities and qualities, but rather than feeling ignominious about what we don’t have, we must embrace ourselves just the way we are. We can do wonders! The motto: “Anything is possible”, should be our approach towards any challenge thrown at us.

If we weren’t able to achieve something once, it doesn’t mean that we will never be able to achieve it. We have to paint our own future, if we give up now, then we will never learn to face challenges. Doing something which you thought you will never be able to do is the best feeling in this world!

- The reader is a student in a Sharjah school