Humanitarians are guided by the principle of impartiality, which means that aid should be provided to everyone who needs it. We have been partial towards women and girls, by not considering the needs of men and boys. As a result we have been violating the principles of the right to equality.

Why are we so reluctant to protect the men in our society? Are women the only ones facing violence?

Recently, a number of cases have been filed about violence against men. Many men and young boys are abused. Most of the perpetrators are pedophiles who have given rise to a number of crimes against the male population. People are scared of the consequences of speaking up and crimes against men and boys is a hidden crisis.

According to international reports, one in more than three males face sexual abuse at the workplace and at home. After watching a recent documentary, I was surprised to find that social organisations are reluctant to include men and boys in their programs.

Sexual and gender based violence has been gaining attention globally, but discussion related to violence against women has been given more limelight. This silent crises is an epidemic, which is haunting the male community in our society.

Domestic violence has always seen as a problem that affects women, but that is not true. Any person can be a victim of domestic violence. The widespread impression of domestic violence, sexual abuse and physical harm has been framed only for women and giving rise to number of feminist quotes.

While considering gender equality we are actually taking decisions in a partial way by considering only crimes that happen to women. Gender quality is treating all men and women equally and taking strict measures to protect humanity. However, because of this, women have always been in the square of sympathy and men are seen as troublemakers. Gender-based violence needs to be considered because we are humans first. It is our duty to raise a dialogue against violence, which is haunting the male community too.

- The reader is a lawyer and blogger