181119 me time
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We all have interesting hobbies. Some convert their hobbies into successful careers while many others get busy in their respective lives, forgetting they ever had any hobbies. Maintaining our hobbies is important because they act as a great stress buster. They relax our mind and body. The heart feels at peace. Our everyday lives have become fast and robotic. It’s difficult to spare time these days for hobbies and creativity.

Moreover, the digital world has eaten into our free time. I have seen people in the past enjoying hobbies like painting, listening to music, pottery, sharing jokes, reading and more. The human touch was present.

Sadly, that has now changed. Advanced gadgets have taken away small everyday joys. We need to work on our forgotten hobbies. Live a simple but happier life by creativity.

I believe that hobbies should be enhanced and encouraged. If a child likes to paint, he could become a famous painter of the future. We can’t crush these desires.

I have always loved listening to music, reading novels and penning down my thoughts in a diary. But I took a long break from writing due to my responsibilities. It’s not that I am a professional writer, but writing freed me from my stresses. Today, I can say that I have started taking out time for my hobbies. I have managed to get some pieces published too. A big thanks to Gulf News for giving me this opportunity to enhance

my writing skills. I end my day with reading myself to bed and sometimes listening to music.

- The reader is a resident of Abu Dhabi