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It’s commonly believed that people are first judged by their physical attributes and clothing is an important part of it. However, if they do so, do they fail to assess the person for their abilities and intellect? How important is dressing well in terms of making an impression? Gulf News readers debate

Showcase personality

Clothes can reveal someone’s personality

In terms of one’s abilities I believe that people should be judged by them rather than for their attire. Dressing well, however, is just as essential; it explains a lot about one’s personality. For example, if you go for a job interview and aren’t dressed well, how can you expect yourself to be hired when the first impression you delivered to the employer is a negative one.

It definitely tells a lot about a person and usually the first impression a person gets from you sticks in their mind forever and I have personally experienced this.

Nevertheless, I believe we dress to please ourselves in the first place and before anyone else. Dressing well allows one to gain self-confidence and that’s an important aspect of communication. Good communication skills can be obtained easily if one decides to choose what to wear wisely.

Although I believe that clothes reveal a person’s personality. I believe there is no excuse for someone to treat another badly for their clothing.

From Ms Farah Heiba, Journalist based in Abu Dhabi



It’s a form of self-expression

I think making an effort to dress well is important because it reflects your personality and who you are. It can also make bonding with like-minded people easier. If connections and your social status is important to you then dressing well is key as it can bring you a lot of opportunities.

To me, dressing well is taking the time to stylise your wardrobe in a way that would be in harmony with your personality and your lifestyle. It is a gesture of self-love and self-care. There is beauty in styling yourself, it’s a habit that could change your life.

Some might view it as shallow or materialistic but I have always been taught that dressing well is one of the top priorities in life. I appreciate people who have a style that resonates with who they are because it takes a lot of self-searching to find your own aesthetic.

Dressing well is respecting yourself and your body, it is to know what clothes and materials are appropriate for different places like wearing breathable materials in hot summer or knowing when to go minimal, etc. In a way, it’s an art that brings creativity to your life. To be creative with the way you dress is fun and it doesn’t necessarily require pricey branded fits. It’s a shame when people wear bootleg version of high end brands to look well-dressed, there is a fine line between people who go after mainstream trends and people who reflect their identity with style.

From Ms Parisa Yaaseen, Fashion designer based in Dubai



One should wear what they feel like

Clothes don’t make the person. I don’t feel that ‘dressing well’ is important. I personally dress up on occasions because it gives me self-confidence but I never ‘dress to impress’.

I feel that everyone you come across is going to have this perception of you. They will firstly judge you by your appearances starting with your clothes and that’s something I dislike. I feel that a person should be judged for who they are rather than what they wear.

I feel like we have created these dress codes in our society for certain events and occasions and if you do not dress accordingly, you are not accepted socially. For example: Why must we wear formal clothing to a job interview? In most cases the same person after getting the job wears semi-formal or casual clothes to work. I wore casuals to an interview once. The first thing I was asked was why I wasn’t dressed in formals. I told them I don’t feel the need to wear such clothes in this hot weather in UAE and that I felt more comfortable in what I was wearing. I ended up getting the job.

People like to dress up because they feel good, they like to follow fashion trends, abide by the rules that our society has created. Me? I like to wear whatever I feel like wearing today because people are always going have an impression of you based on how they are as a person and there is nothing you can do to change that.

From Mr Abdullah Jalees, Business Development Executive based in Sharjah



People assume better things about well-dressed people

Unfortunately, in this era we are living in, people judge each other by the external look rather than taking a deep look and knowing who you really are. For example, if you’re talented and skilled and going to an interview with dirty clothes because you couldn’t afford to buy new ones, will surely get you rejected. So, we sometimes, we have to accept that and act accordingly because of what society expects of us.

When it comes to clothing affecting personal feelings, some say that wearing good clothes will make you feel good about yourself or confident which can be a little true because it’s the effort you’re putting in to change your attire that makes you feel better, I believe. I also think that if someone is well dressed and looks smart then other people regard positive attributes with them. For instance, I assume that such a person knows how to prioritise their life and they’re trustworthy. I would also like to think such a person is careful about what they do in life and well disciplined.

However, although there might be some assumptions we can make because of external features of a person, treating someone good or bad depends on the way you were raised and has nothing to do with clothing. We need to understand that treat a person in a bad way just because he or she wasn’t dressed well, treating someone good is a part of humanity and has nothing to do with fashion.

From Mr Ahmad Ayman, Information Systems student based in Sharjah



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