December 10 was celebrated as Human Rights Day by the UN. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is a document that entitles rights to every human being irrespective of gender, caste, creed, color, nationality, etc. If we look around, we still witness human rights violations everywhere be it in countries where wars are being fought or where they have the refugee problems as a result of civil wars.

Detaining innocent people who are suspected of crime or terrorism and having them tortured is also a violation of human rights. Such violations do take place in offices where there is discrimination among the workforce based on gender, religion, nationality. Some women face such issues in their own homes. They are denied the freedom of expressing their thoughts or voicing their concerns. We often read stories of children being denied the right to education, food and are forced into child labour, prostitution etc. It would be advisable for the UN to identify such classes and work for their upliftment especially women and children, so that they are able to enjoy the fruits of equality. As the UN gears for a year long celebration to mark the 70th anniversary, may it utilise this year to bring about considerable change in the lives of the people suffering as a result of such human rights denials whether it is the refugees or the women and children at home. 
When we communicate on social media we should respect others’ rights. Intolerance is the main reason for such violations on social media channels. Let’s use these new social mediums as another way to protect the rights of every individual instead of tarnishing one another.

- The reader is a logistics manager, based in Dubai.