Politics, be it at any level, cannot be fair and honest, which is why I personally do not support the idea of engaging in office politics. While for many this concept works, it is always the hard working and dedicated employees who suffer in the process. The belief that office politics helps build personal relationships proves that this is more to do with personal gains and interests than that of the team, department or entire organisation. Office politics is not meant for every body, one has to be street smart to play such games within the organisation. As a result, the introverts, regardless of how capable, talented and dedicated they may be, are never given a chance to excel since all the attention is taken by those who play politics at work. Office politics in my opinion may be constructive and positive for an individual not for others, which makes it an unfair deal. One does not have to get into manipulation and dishonest ways to succeed in his career. It only takes hard work and an eye that recognises it to become successful.

From Ms Fatima Suhail



The problem with humanity today is that we are so mean to each other all the time. You notice it on the roads, people tailgating, road rage or getting angry at complete strangers. It’s the same in offices, we get angry with one email, we stigmatise others. Everyone is just so angry today and this false idea of “competition” is leading people to stress, which in turn affects our health. The only person you need to compete with is you. All this leads to a situation where no one is a winner. Office politics is a glut in the system, which kills productivity and cooperation in teams. People fail to realise that when you are in the same organisation the common goals cannot be realised with such behaviour. Stop being so mean to each other and focus on being human again. Smile and the sun will shine on your face again.

From Mr Rohit Verma



People who work hard are hated by others so others just gossip about the person who works hard due to their insecurities. They don’t understand that God has set whatever is in our fate. No one can either take it from you or give it to you, so why pull anyone down? Why can’t people just mind their own business and follow the motto: live and let live?

From Ms Sophy Aqeel



Great minds speak about ideas and insecure minds speak about people.

From Ms Sumeet Punjabi



Success demands talent, dignity, hardwork and patience. Office politics is like a gamble.

From Mr Ch Basharat Toor


That’s why I chose network marketing as my field of work. There is no politics in it. Everyone supports you.

From Mr Hamed Al Moussalli

Abu Dhabi


Politics is a dirty virus in the workplace. I have witnessed such politics and it is bad for all.

From Mr Nasir Khan

Mumbai, India


It is everywhere, not only in offices but in all sectors. Some use their connections to achieve a bigger target, some simply to get rid of someone who isn’t ‘their type’. Secondly, majority rules. If the office is full of a certain nationality, workers of the same nationality would get all the benefits compared to others.

From Mr Amjad Aziz



Office politics is as bad as politics in governments. People lobbying against each other to disturb their focus and career progress, which is not good at all. A professional worker should have good relations with all staff that he or she works with.

From Mr Mohammad Omer Qureshi



Those who support office politics advocate that it will bring in competitive spirit and new ideas. But what happens, in fact, is that when there is fierce politics in an office, those who are selfish and good at manipulating others get into the lead.

From Mr Hafis M H



Insecure people in the office indulge in politics. It is indeed very negative. That’s how people who do not deserve their positions get them.

From Mr Ajay Thombre



Ultimate success comes with honesty and dedication. People get involved in office politics just to beat the person they can’t match because of lack of knowledge and skill.

From Mr Azad Ahmad Khan

Dhaka, Bangladesh


Politics is everywhere, even in our personal relations. So, without politics we can’t be promoted in our career. Your proficiency and connections with the management and co-workers help you grow as much as your mind.

From Mr Muhammad Anis


Well, I haven’t experienced any positive politics in my five years of professional career. If it is benefiting someone then this benefit is destructive to others. People in management targeting the workforce, people in workforce targeting the management ... there’s no equality in this scenario.

From Ms Sindil Adhimi



Organisational politics mostly has negative results but only a manager with some sense can deal with it. Those who are competent and effective at work but can’t play well with organisational politics face obstacles and have an unsuccessful career.

From Mr Shoaib Hafeez



If the politics is constructive and done with optimistic views, then it is okay.

From Ms Afroz Khan



Office politics is everywhere, but it will have minimal impact when management adopts clear-cut policies, procedures and systems.

From Mr Qassim Abdullah


- Compiled by Huda Tabrez/The writer is a trainee with the Readers Desk at Gulf News