As Dubai marked its eighth Car Free Day on February 5, many left their cars behind and went for public transportation and other alternatives. Since its inception in 2010, the annual event has grown significantly over the years and will continue to do so with the support of the public.

Through the initiative, the Dubai Municipality encourages residents to try different modes of public transport to get to work for a day, in an attempt to reduce pollution and carbon emissions. I could feel the enthusiasm of the people as they contributed and did their part in accomplishing the objective of Dubai Car Free Day at a huge exhibition area, set up at the Union Metro Park. The exhibition was held to mark the initiative, presenting alternative ideas that were environmentally friendly, such as vehicles that run on alternative fuel sources of energy. As a student, I found the exhibition to be extremely innovative and full of creative ideas. Every stall had its own way of tackling the problem of carbon emissions that are brought out because of cars that we can’t live without.

I believe the initiative will create a significant positive impact on the environment. To support and to participate in the biggest environmental awareness drive of the Dubai Municipality, several people took the Metro, while some took buses and others carpooled and cycled. The initiative, held under the theme, “Not a day but every day”, helped change the attitude of people in reducing the pollution caused by motor vehicles. The theme has a deep, but direct meaning and is put in a way, which would reach all.

I am glad to have pledged and participated in this initiative and I urge all residents and companies to pledge their participation and contributions for such initiatives. I would like to thank the Dubai Municipality for every wonderful thing that they are doing to promote an environmentally friendly community.

The reader is a student based in Dubai.