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Life, as we know it, exposes us to many things, both good and bad. Sadly, for many people, stress relieving indulgences soon turn into life-threatening situations that lead to feelings of depression, guilt, embarrassment and more. To start with, alcohol which is consumed by millions across the globe, has cost many people their lives. Addictions cause various health issues. It is important to drink responsibly. We need to have an understanding of how to counter stress without alcohol. Additionally, drugs, provide a short-term boost in one’s concentration and endurance, but it is temporary. Today, more millions of people have fallen victim to drugs and have put their destinies into their very own coffins. How can this be solved?

One also needs to know that there are solutions for all problems and that doing drugs is not the answer to any issue, but just a mirage of relief for what would potentially cause an even more significant illness soon. Smoking to relieve stress is also an obsession among the youth. However, this leisure activity has seen several people suffer from various debilitating illnesses, like breathing issues, lung disease and more. Moreover, besides a smoker infecting himself in the act of smoking, the smoker’s tendency of smoking in public places, could also be affecting other people, who become passive smokers in the process.

When anyone tends to pick up a cigarette in the future, the smoker should consider whether smoking is something that should be done in a public place or not. Today, the lives of many teenagers and adults are being tarnished at the hands of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and other forms of “escape”. Hence, as educated and responsible people, we need to start analysing the impact of substance abuse, why people are addicted to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.

We need to adopt a more responsible approach and try and change these habits and make the lives of people better. We can help change the entire dimension of our world. This can be the beginning of a healthy and an efficient youth.

- The reader is a freelance writer in Dubai