Can’t run away from it

It is ideal to embrace time, but unfortunately a large percentage of the population think otherwise, and consider aging to be negative. This can be seen when instead of improving one’s lifestyle, people resort to quick fixes including anti-aging nutritional supplements, energy drinks, collagen to stem cell. and what not! Of course it helps a huge anti-aging industry. But the fact remains that people who opt for this lose the present. I see a fear factor in those who look at aging negatively. Incidentally, it affects their thinking and complicates capabilities. My strength is ‘to think young’ as I age. I tell my friends that after 50, I am counting in reverse! I am also known to joke around a lot, especially during my early Friday morning photography trips, which I take with dozens of other photography enthusiasts. I do accept that I am not in my 30s as many in my group are. This gives me a greater challenge to match up to their energy level and motivate the youngsters! Not wearing a sweater on a wintery cold morning, being the first to run into the dunes, all this gives me positivity and teaches me that the age is in the mind and I can do it. Indeed, physical attributes slow a person down. Therefore, it is important to age maturely and consider our limitations as facts of life, and live with them, rather than crib about them all the time.

From Mr Mohammed Arfan Asif


All in the mind

Aging is a natural process. It’s inevitable and irreversible. The fact remains that it’s a beautiful phase in everyone’s life, if they accept it gracefully. I’m 35 and I have always considered my self under the aging bracket. Aging is in your mind. You remain what you feel and feed your self and your brains. It’s absolutely a positive thing.

From Ms Lubna Jafar


It’s all up to fate

Most of the people are running away from time and are always in a hurry to finish things off. If you look around, everything is automated and instant. Unlike instant noodles and coffee, the physical transformation of a person, I believe, would be more enjoyable when done the natural way. Let’s accept the fact: everyone wants to live longer and don’t want to die young. This is the main reason that people are afraid of aging. For me, it doesn’t matter if you live a long life or a short one. If that’s your fate, then so be it.

From Ms Esme Yungao


Enjoy while you can

Some people are embracing time some are running away from it. Just remember the term: carpe diem, meaning enjoy yourself while you have the chance. Once you get old enough that you can barely walk, you cannot do the things you love. So while we’re young, do the things you love. Enjoy the little things. Cherish every moment with your families and friends.

From Mr John Exzequiel Melchor


Time to thrive

Absolutely not! I am turning 40 in a couple of months, I feel much more empowered today than I was, 10 years ago. Watching my children grow up and thrive is worth so much.

From Ms Marion Boutemy-Deniau


Happy in the present

Many say age is just a number, but the fact is that many do not digest this and talk big. Time does make us feel negative but it depends on a person, their circumstances and situations. For me, I am fine with my age because I am happy right now.

From Ms BaBitha VaSanth


Don’t give in to pressure

Aging is considered negative for those people who want to live their entire life fixed at an age where they are still able to call the shots in life. They had beauty, health, wealth and children. Embracing age is about being less intrusive and judgmental. Let the youth lead life, confident in your training. However, at times, when society fails to find any fault in a happy successful person, they judge their wrinkles. It is stereotypically seen as a female problem. It is not. Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay got Botox because famous personalities started calling him Scarface. He was successful and had not given it a thought earlier. Eventually, peer pressure got the better of him.

From Ms Fatima Khan


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