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Gulf News Sudoku

My 91-year-old mother-in-law, Janaki, is an avid fan of the daily Sudoku puzzles printed in Gulf News. We receive the print edition, and she enjoys solving the puzzles quickly, eagerly awaiting the next day’s edition to check her answers. She has been solving these puzzles for over 15 years, and we are grateful to Gulf News for providing such engaging material that both educates and entertains its readers. This type of intellectual stimulation has helped keep her mind sharp and agile. Thank you, Gulf News.

Mrs Janaki
Mrs Janaki Image Credit: Supplied

From Ms Sujatha Vijayagopal


Climate change affects extreme weather

As the summer months approach, the temperature around the world is increasing due to the effects of global warming and climate change (“Sick of hearing about record heat? Scientists say those numbers paint the story of a warming world”, Gulf News, July 22). However, the authorities in Dubai are taking commendable steps to ensure that residents do not suffer from much discomfort during the hot summer season. To help outdoor workers cope with the heat, the authorities have implemented summer breaks, which are strictly enforced through regular inspections. Furthermore, the authorities have set up air-conditioned shelters at bus stops and water stations at various locations to prevent dehydration. They also educate residents about the importance of staying hydrated by regularly drinking water.

During a recent visit to Abu Dhabi, I noticed that the authorities had covered shelters at pedestrian crossings to protect people from the intense heat. Despite the extreme conditions, police patrols are ongoing to ensure the safety of residents. I am grateful to all the authorities and departments for their sincere efforts in making our lives smooth and safe during the summer months. As a resident, I take pride in being a part of this country that prioritises the well-being of its people.

From Mr Ajeet Kumar S Pillai


Global warming

Global warming is a big environmental issue that we’re facing right now. Basically, it means that the temperature across the planet is slowly but steadily increasing, mostly due to human activities. Unfortunately, this warming trend has a lot of negative consequences. It can mess up weather patterns and cause crazy extreme weather events like hurricanes, droughts, and heat waves, which can be really harmful for both people and animals. It can also make it harder for farmers to grow food because the climate is changing so much. This can lead to less food being produced and make it harder for people to get enough to eat. So, it’s really important that we start finding ways to reduce our impact on the planet and work towards a more sustainable future.

From Ms Nidhi Ram


Cricket: India v West Indies

I want to congratulate Rohit Sharma and his team on their 1-0 series win against the West Indies team in the Test match (“Second cricket Test between India v West Indies ends in a draw as rain washes out fifth day’s play”, Gulf News, July 25). Unfortunately, the rain washout on day five of the second Test prevented them from winning the series 2-0. However, a win is a win, and it’s still a great achievement for the team. While I agree with the praise given to Mohammed Siraj for his excellent 5-wicket spell that helped the team gain a vital first-innings lead of 173 runs, it’s too early to give accolades to Ishan Kishan for his unbeaten 50 plus. It’s possible that the captain has his eye on Kishan as a long-term wicket-keeper, but at that stage of the game, any other batter could have scored a similar 50 plus.

In 1989, Krishnamachari Srikkanth made a brave decision during the Nehru Cup match against England. He promoted Chetan Sharma to the fourth position while chasing a target of 250 runs. Sharma proved his mettle by scoring an unbeaten 101 runs and helped the team win the One Day International (ODI) match by six wickets. However, there have been instances where promoting a player did not work out, such as when Greig Chappal promoted Irfan Pathan to the third position. Therefore, it’s important for selectors to not solely rely on the captain’s or commentators’ accolades and instead judge players based on their suitability for Test, ODI, and T20 formats.

From Mr N. Viswanathan


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