Jeopardising lives

The tragic story of the man getting killed when his son fell asleep at the wheel recently is very sad (‘Son falls alseep, kills father in accident,’ Gulf News, September 17). I bet that lack of attention is the root cause for the majority of accidents besides being over confident. Some motorists are unyielding on the road, which provokes the other drivers. What are these people looking to prove? In the process, they are jeopardising the lives of the people around them. Speed thrills but, ultimately, it can kill. Always remember that somebody is waiting to see us. Please leave the false egos at home and don’t bring them out when driving on the roads.

From Mr Venkat S.

Abu Dhabi

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Dangerous young drivers

Recently, we have been hearing about many accidents. Police have to strictly issue licenses on mental maturity, rather than age. I personally have seen much rash driving around me and found that they are youngsters looking to be about the age of 18 to 20 years old. I find that many in this age category are putting our lives in danger when they’re on the roads. I request the authorities to please look into issuing driving license policy.

From Mr Guru

Abu Dhabi

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Stay alert

It just goes to show how a split second changes or even ends a life forever. It’s a sad story, and I can only hope that people reading it will take note that when we sit behind the wheel, we are in charge of a lethal weapon. Better pay attention and stay alert. Many young and even older guys have an ego that overshadows their sense of logic!

From Mr Muntz

Basel, Swaziland

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Won’t tolerate it

I loved the outcome of this incident: the outraged passengers virtually threw the two influential Pakistani lawmakers from the plane due to their delay to board the flight (‘Pakistan ex-minister Rehman Malik thrown off plane for being late,’ Gulf News, September 17). This was an abuse of their extra lavish privileges, and they took it for granted.

It’s like they feel that the whole country is a holding company and they are the owners. The scenario has changed now and the people won’t tolerate it anymore after 68 long years. They don’t want it any more.

When these officials are sincere enough and sensitive to the woes of the public, only then will we stand with them.

From Mr Jahangir Kabir Bappi

Abu Dhabi

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Vague punshment

At last people stood up! It’s heartening to read what the people did in the video. And what did the government do in the end? The airline personnel were suspended.

From Mr Kashif


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Shouting for rights

The ex-minister doesn’t even have the guts to face the ordinary citizens and instead is seen running away at the first instance without uttering a word. During the elections, these fearful people can be seen shouting through the microphone for citizens’ rights.

From Ms Maria Kutty


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No special treatment

This is a very good step from the passenger and the staff, too. All ministers and politicians should travel in regular class and if they will not come on time, they should miss their flight like the rest of us would. No special treatment allowed to them or their families. This is called ‘New Pakistan’.

From Mr Nasser


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Abusing power

This is about people with power, abusing power and getting caught by the general public. I thought it interesting how Rehman Malik was pretty receptive and didn’t debate and left the plane immediately, whereas Ramesh Kumar Vankwani kept insisting it wasn’t his fault - it clearly was. The threat of getting beat with shoes was a general comment and not specifically targeted at Vankwani. But really, if I was doing the same, what should I expect - the people to welcome me?

From Mr Usman

Abu Dhabi

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A caring owner

I think it is so cute that a pet owner chose to save his 10 year-old goldfish (‘George the goldfish has ‘high risk’ brain surgery,’ Gulf News, September 17). It’s so kind and caring. Sometimes by seeing these types of people carry out positive actions like this, it makes me feel proud of humanity.

From Mr Hassan Bano


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An unexpected setback

The defeat of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Narendra Modi’s party in the recent state elections in India shows that the people are getting disenchanted with certain policy decisions of his government (‘Major setback for Modi in assembly by-elections,’ Gulf News, September 17). I honestly felt that he was doing well, but sadly communalism and political castigation are coming to the forefront to disturb and mar daily governance in the country. Modi is going down fast in popularity. And it is indeed a pity.

From Mr Thomas Matthew Parackel

Muvattupuzha, India

Remaining united

This is a slap to Modi and his party against their policy of divide and rule. I think the BJP was using a new campaign for the election in Utter Pradesh to divide people in the form of religion. Common people understood that this was a fake campaign since marriage in India happens between people regardless of religion, cast or creed. The people of India and abroad should come to know that Modi does not actually care about development.

From Mr Abdul


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Easing traffic

I would like to show my gratitude towards the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) for the new road links to ease congestion (‘New road links Oud Metha to Downtown Dubai,’ Gulf News, September 17). I live in Al Mankhool and I get stuck in traffic on Shaikh Zayed Road from Dubai Mall until I exit towards Bur Dubai. There is a major bottle neck at a pedestrian crossing inside Karama near the intersection of Shaikh Rashid Road and Sheikh Zayed Road.

If footbridges are built around Karama for pedestrians to cross, it would smooth out the traffic flow. Also, if there was a left turning lane introduced at this intersection, it would ease traffic.

From Mr Gopal


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Reversible lanes

Sharjah’s notorious traffic jams have started again and there is a simple solution to this problem. If the authorities make Al Ittihad Road from the Lulu Hypermarket to Ansar Mall into a road with reversible lanes, they could solve the traffic flow. We have too much traffic going to Dubai in morning, so if we open one lane or two from the other side going towards Sharjah and make them go towards Dubai, there would be more movement. At the Lulu Hypermarket, the fence or barrier could be opened to allow vehicles to go towards Dubai. And at Ansar Mall, this lane could be made to join the present fast lane. By doing so, more vehicles can pass the Sharjah border and it would ease the situation. This could be a win-win situation for Sharjah and Dubai authorities.

From Mr Wilson Lobo


Coping with diabetes

With the Middle East being known for its extensive prevalence of diabetes, the new insulin pump has definitely proven to be a necessity for suffering patients (‘Diabetes can be brought under control in UAE,’ Gulf News, September 17). Children with type one diabetes will finally have an easier way of managing their illness, as many children have to go through an extensive schedule through a day. This is often made difficult with their dietary options and precautions. However, with the arrival of this new pump, managing diabetes will become more efficient. As long as the caregivers or the parents are educated on how to carefully operate the pump, the child will not have to face the stress of controlling their diabetes, which is often very troublesome, especially for young minds. I feel this device is therefore of the utmost importance in this particular region where diabetes is so widely prevalent.

From Mr Sruthi Rao


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