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COVID-19 cases surge in India

It is extremely worrying and alarming that India's weekly cases of COVID-19 have been surging again in the last few days in some parts of the country, especially in Maharashtra and Kerala (“As COVID-19 cases surge in India, vaccine drive slows”, Gulf News, February 24). These two states always have large-scale interstate movement of people from other parts of India. It is high time that citizens should cooperate with the government and follows rigid COVID-19 safety protocols or suffer yet another dreaded prolonged pandemic, which could be even worse, especially on the economic front. Schools, offices, and business establishments were closed for a long time, and daily wage earners are on the verge of collapse. India has a large, world-class vaccine manufacturing facility for COVID-19. The government should change the current vaccination strategy and immediately start a large-scale mass vaccination programme. The present scenario clearly shows COVID-19 is far from over; with the new mutant variant virus, continuous COVID-19 testing and strict adherence to the safety protocol should be made mandatory.

From Mr Ramesh G Jethwani

Karnataka, India

Follow COVID-19 protocols

Many people think that with the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, following safety protocols is not that important. And many believe that things are bound to get back to normal as the pandemic's intensity will go down soon. People are throwing caution to the wind and are defying the norms. Some feel masks are suffocating and that wearing them constantly causes discomfort. Many medical experts think that it will cause serious harm in the coming days if people are reckless. The process of administering COVID-19 vaccines has just begun, and it will certainly take some time to cover India's entire population. We ought to be on our guards. Maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, and other health and hygiene aspects have to be followed till we win a battle against the pandemic.

From Ms Jayashree Kulkarni

Pune, India

Get out of your comfort zone

Working long term in a company may not be an assurance of stability with your employment. I'm sharing this with the hope to encourage many never to stop learning and not be afraid to step out of their comfort zones. The comfort zone is the cause of all disappointments, so they say. And, I can only agree. It isn't easy to widen one's perspective when you are in a good, comfortable place. You have gotten used to this position that you have always felt that you never can go wrong. You are so complacent that you have forgotten to grow. You have been sitting inside this cave too long to remember your worth, your passions, yourself. You have forgotten the outside world taking assurance with people you have chosen to serve and give loyalty to, believing that you are more than just a colleague. You are family. But just as any other family, you have forgotten that you, too, can crumble, caused by the factors surrounding your safety net. The bubble was popped this time by a needle called COVID-19. Suddenly, everything got shaken. You started losing control. The future looked bleak and weary. Then you begin to rediscover that old spirit inside you, which you thought was long gone. One that would not just budge in to defeat. One that says, cry if you need to, but get up after that, you have work to do. It's starting from scratch all over again, and you are scared. But you are doing it. Stumbling but courageously taking those baby steps, one step at a time. Believe that one day you shall not just take a step, but a leap. Stepping outside one's comfort zone is important, and when we challenge ourselves, we tend to rise to the occasion.

From Ms Emma Almeria

Dubai, UAE

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