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One day at a time

Amidst all the chaos, there lies a gift, the gift of time. While fear and anxiety has affected some people as we fight the new monster on the block, COVID – 19, the gift of time is on our side ("Coronavirus Social Distancing and Self Quarantine: It’s the only way forward",, March 16) .
Our hearts undeniably go out to all those suffering the unsought aftermath of the outbreak, and even more to the ones who have lost their lives at the hands of this crisis.
The ongoing pandemic continues to span the globe and taint our planet with fear, big enough to have the toughest men and women tremble with concern.

Currently, there are many people around the world practising self-distancing, living through the crisis opting for different ways to stay safe. Many people are choosing to stay home to protect themselves from the disease. In the midst of all of the happenings, the required call is to simply adhere to the directives by our certified health authorities and the government. If you are required to stay at home for a few weeks, so be it. It will go by faster than you think. Most importantly, it is in lieu to a wiser objective. Amidst all the chaos, there have been many reasons to cause added and unwanted stress. Also, keep in mind that some things are just out of one’s control. Your job is to take precautions. I think personally staying at home has most rewarding benefits, if you approach it right. It is a time for thought, self-reflection and reward.

Now is the time to catch up on the book you have wanted to read, hobbies that can be facilitated given the conditions, or a pet that could be fostered. In our mundane lives, these are basics that go past us in the rut of our demanding lives. Now is the time I’d say to pause, stop and reflect. Look deep inside, in there lies the most magnificent of all powers. It is not an individual or two, a country or more but the world as a whole fighting this together, and I am certain in saying that we shall walk out of this one and even stronger.

Let not the ongoing situation augment our deplorable condition further. Instead, let’s make the wise use of time to put around a new definition to our thoughts, principles and our way of living. Together in this battle, let’s strike the target with a thoughtful mind, brave heart and most significantly a renewed approach.

To love is power, to learn is power and to heal is power. Let’s eliminate the misery our minds are occupied with in light of the present-day happenings and use time to make ouractions better. I think the universe is telling us to reboot our minds. Let’s consolidate ourselves to the unprecedented condition and do what is to be done without creating panic. Please stretch out your hand to help wherever possible. Let’s take time to appreciate all that there is and be grateful and share the gratitude further.

We are all in it together and together we shall walk out of this one. The glass is half full. Make the best use of your time at home and stay safe everyone. To the exit we await, let us make use of today to embrace the brighter tomorrow that awaits us.

From Ms Lovesh Miranda

Social distancing
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We are all in this together

With COVID-19 touching almost all countries, governments are asking citizens to practise social distancing ("Coronavirus: 10 life lessons we learned from the COVID-19 outbreak",, March 22). The goal is to make transmission harder for the virus. Large gatherings have been prohibited, schools and educational institutions have been closed, offices have a “work from home” policy, malls and cinema houses are being closed. But instead of getting upset, we need to look at all this with a positive attitude. People are spending more time with their families at home, playing indoor games, watching television or downloaded old movies.

Children can study future lessons and be ready when their school and colleges reopen. There are so many things one can do: Work out at home, spend time with your children, postpone visits and pick up the phone to talk to those away.
Social distancing is not that bad. One does not get tired or bored of being at home. Just occupy yourselves with meaningful activities. Even though Holi was not celebrated this year the way it usually is in India, people can celebrate it properly the following year.

History shows that social distancing has worked in the past. So just “physically” distance yourself from the outside world. Avoid going out unless absolutely necessary. But don’t think of it as a restriction on your rights. Think of what you can do with the extra time you have, that we are otherwise complaining that we don’t have every day. In the days of yore, people did almost the same. Everyone was at home and went out only when required. So don’t think that social distancing is being thrust upon you; you have voluntarily isolated yourself to put in your bit to help humanity. We can all do this together.

From Ms Aruna Mathur
New Delhi, India

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Pause and evaluate life

It feels like a distant reality now to think that there was a time where every single person wasn’t talking about coronavirus. I for one took my freedom to go anywhere I wanted, for granted. Most importantly, I took my health and safety for granted. But this pandemic has completely changed that, and altered my reality in a way I thought was only possible on the scariest episode of Black Mirror (Netflix series). But here we are, living, surviving and adjusting to our new reality because we have to.

What has really helped me stay sane amidst the chaos is the realisation that this forced social distancing or self-isolation, is life forcing me, and forcing all of us to slow down and take a minute to pause. It’s forcing us to stay indoors and realise that it is okay to not have a to-do list for every weekend, to not travel to a new destination every month, to not try a new restaurant in the city the minute it opens. It’s forcing me to accept that I can just be. And that is okay.

And so, I am making the most of this situation by staying indoors with my novel and cup of tea, and watching the season change into spring, waiting till I can be outdoors again. But till then, maybe it’s not the worst thing to spend some time with myself, and to reflect on whether life is lived better, when we are actually present for it.

From Ms Farheen Hassan

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Since all governments around the world are trying their best to control the spread of coronavirus, we can behave as educated and calm individuals. Being at home, in such uncertain times does not mean we need to be lethargic and be in front of our televisions all day.

In UAE, children have adopted e-learning for the time being, along with exercise and time for mindful meditation. The government here is trying their best to make life simple and take precautions for its citizens. Meanwhile since we are home, try decluttering, watch movies, spend time with children and your family. Learn to cook dishes you otherwise don’t have time to make. Call a friend, be calm and stay alert.

From Ms Amtesh K. Kohli

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