boy wearing mask, burj khalifa, covid-19 in uae
A boy wearing mask walks through a street in downtown Dubai, near Burj Khalifa. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News

COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for more than a year now (“UAE urges all residents to take COVID-19 vaccine”, Gulf News, January 13). I feel very blessed that I am in this country where the situation is totally under control. The authorities here are working very hard to keep us safe and healthy. We must appreciate the efforts of the frontline workers who are risking their lives to keep us safe. In this country, there are so many nationalities living. Still, the UAE authorities have not differentiated in providing any help or medication needed to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The UAE authorities set up many places to get the vaccine. They are taking efforts to educate us and inform us about the importance of taking the vaccine. I have taken the first dose of the vaccine and would request everyone to go ahead and do the same. I feel proud and blessed to be in this country, which cares for our health and safety. Once again, a big salute to all who are involved in fighting against this COVID-19 pandemic.


From Mr Ajeet Kumar S Pillai


Social distancing and following COVID-19 protocols

It is not over yet (“COVID-19: Safety protocols are vital in preventing the spread of coronavirus”, Gulf News, February 11). The fight against the COVID-19 is still on. Yes, some people seem to have lowered their guard against the coronavirus. Social gatherings increased, and public places opened up. However, the increase in cases is proof that COVID-19 is very much present. So, we should continue to maintain the COVID-19 protocols. Vaccines have come, and the government and private sectors are encouraging people to take the vaccine. Many people are queuing up to take the vaccine. But, we need to continue following social distancing and keep our masks on in public. As per World Health Organisation (WHO), the chances of us getting infected increases if we do not wear a mask and maintain social distancing. Many of us are asymptomatic. That means we may not show any symptoms, and hence, we have a high risk of infecting others who may belong to the high-risk category. It is to protect these vulnerable people that we should be following the COVID-19 protocols. It is the most we can do as responsible citizens to protect our fellow citizens. We should also think about the frontline health workers who are tirelessly working day and night, and the least we can do is follow these simple protocols. We should support the UAE government in its fight to beat COVID-19.

From Mr Prasad Warrier

Sharjah, UAE

Cricket: India v England

This letter refers to your report that the Indian cricket team could have just one change for the second Test at Chepauk (“Second Test: India aim to ride spin weapon to bounce back in series”, Gulf News, February 12). It is excellent that Virat Kohli is keen to take Kuldeep Yadav in place of Nadeem. Simultaneously, since Rohit Sharma has time and again failed to live up to his billing, right from the Sydney test to Chepauk, I feel it would be better to play KL Rahul as an opening partner to Shubham Gill. It seems Rohit Sharma needs some motivation and his attitude is at its low ebb. Rishab Pant also lacks patience, both behind and in front of the wickets. A catch dropped or a missed stumping costs the team tons of runs. Hoping for the best.

From Mr Vinay Mahadevan


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