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Pleasant surprise and timely offer!

I have been a subscriber of Gulf News for more than a decade (“Watch: Gulf News exclusive offer for subscribers gets overwhelming response from UAE residents”, Gulf News, January 28). I have always been reading Gulf News and will continue to do so till my tenure in the UAE, and if possible later on. I have always availed of the several subscription offers from Gulf News and have been very happy with the offers. But, what surprised me most is this year’s Gulf News subscription offer, which is really superb. I have just renewed my subscription last week. I have received all the vouchers, and the offers are very useful to me. Even in this digital age, I always prefer to read the hard copy of the newspaper. I feel incomplete if I do not get the newspaper in my hand in the morning before I leave for work. Even if I run late for office in the morning, I make sure to at least read the headlines, and detailed reading takes place after I return from work. I am grateful to Gulf News for coming up with such an offer.

Ajeet Kumar S Pillai


Dubai spirit

I really appreciate the timely article to explain the realities about life in Dubai, and I strongly defend the decisions of Dubai (“COVID-19: Vested interest or ignorance? Why do you attack Dubai?", Gulf News, January 30). Every country takes its own decisions according to ground level situations. I am happy that Dubai did not follow the 'herd mentality' when everyone was shouting to shut the borders and airspace. Dubai decided to lift the restrictions consciously to tourists and citizens and residents based on ground realities. Dubai is also taking care of its citizens and residents in a very enviable manner by providing medical help, counselling and free vaccinations. As an erstwhile resident of UAE, I know how Dubai will always support its residents. Hats off to Dubai, and let the critics criticise. But we, the citizens and residents of the UAE know the reality. Just ignore the negative information being spread by others and march forward. I will always support the UAE.

From Mr Rajan Rao

Why I love the UAE

UAE has always been blessed, and it continues to be so, amid all uncertainties. My parents have been living in the UAE since 1976. Our family saw the humble beginnings of UAE. We have seen the hard work and determination. What we saw was the modest culture of the people of the UAE. They are proud of their solidarity. I am an Indian born in the UAE in the month of Ramadan, 1979. I am proud to disclose my beginning and heritage this way. Though an Indian by passport, by culture-induced DNA, I am a citizen of UAE. What makes me proud is beyond the richness of the UAE, in terms of money. The people of the UAE have always upheld what is good. I am sure many like myself are among the nationals and expatriates, who wish nothing less than the best for the UAE. May God bless the UAE.

From Mr Biju Philip Jacob


The dangerous ‘selfie’ trend

The trend of clicking and posting selfies on social media has endangered so many precious lives. This trend is an obsession, and it is a mental state that leads to insecurity. Nowadays, people don't have time to talk to each other even within family circles but can be seen posting selfies. Taking a selfie is a widespread syndrome, and it is common to think of those who post selfies as narcissistic or vain. However, these people bolster self-esteem. Teenagers may consider selfies as harmless, but the fact is they are an obsession. If we do not have self-confidence, we are more addicted to selfie, and those who desire more attention are also addicted. Nowadays, we all interact with different social media platforms, but too much link to it will lead to narcissism, depression, and low self-esteem. Even though social media connects people and creates happiness, we should be cautious and use it wisely.

From Mr Eappen Elias


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