Loyal subscribers of Gulf News Image Credit: Virendra Saklani and Antonin Kallouche/Gulf News

Dubai: Subscribers of Gulf News, the UAE’s leading English language newspaper, are keeping apprised of the latest developments in local and international news, business, sports and entertainment, and much more, while now enjoying Dh935 worth of vouchers for leading brands.

The exclusive offer is included with the annual subscription of Gulf News, which now comes at a special price of Dh350 (from Dh500 previously), providing even greater value for money and huge savings for both first-time and renewing subscribers.

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Gulf News subscriber Venkata Seshaiah Nalluri from the Meadows checks out the Gulf News offer as Yellappa D, Bhikhoji, Gulf News distributor, looks on Image Credit: Antonin Kelian Kallouche/Gulf News

Subscribe now

Held under the slogan, #ItPaysToBeInformed, residents can easily avail of the promotion by subscribing through Gulf News Store or by calling 600 587234.

Attractive offers

Dh130 Voucher from Dubai Garden Glow (2 vouchers of Dh65 each)

Dh100 Voucher from Aster Pharmacy on non-pharma products, excluding baby foods

Dh100 Voucher from Aster Opticals

Dh100 Voucher from Gofood for purchase of Food

Dh55 Voucher from Eros Now 06 months’ membership

Dh50 Voucher from Chicking (2 vouchers of Dh25 each)

Get Dh400 Cash back with Deem Credit Card

Lifetime of satisfaction

Long-time subscribers of Gulf News welcomed the latest annual promotion offer saying they feel even more rewarded for their patronage.

I must thank all our readers for continuing to read Gulf News even in difficult times and for their loyalty over the years. I am happy because our subscribers are happy.

- Abdul Hamid Ahmad, CEO, Editor-in-Chief and Executive Director Publications, Gulf News

Gulf News has been part of a subscribing family for two generations. Philip Easo came to the UAE in 1978, the same year Gulf News was launched. “I always like to think that my ‘age in the UAE’ and the age of Gulf News are the same. My family – first I and now my son – have been subscribers for the past 25 years. The paper has been part of my early morning routine for decades. The first thing I do when I get up is open the front door and get my copy of Gulf News, which goes well with my morning cup of coffee,” said Easo, who is now retired at age 65. The resident held the post of head of sales at Jumbo Electronics.

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Left to Right, Philip Easo, Sundharam Pachumuthu Gulf News distributor and Kevin Philip, Gulf News subscriber in Discovery Gardens. Image Credit: Antonin Kélian Kallouche/Gulf News

Lasting loyalty

“Even before the latest Gulf News annual promotion was launched, we were getting leaflets dropped at our door by another newspaper. But we had already decided that we will continue with Gulf News when our renewal comes up – and as long as we are in the UAE. We were hoping Gulf News would come with a special offer and it is really very good what they are offering. There is something in it for the whole family,” he added.

Easo said Gulf News covers “the entire range of topics very well, be it currency, sports, property trends, what’s happening with COVID-19 worldwide – the paper gives us everything in a crisp way”.

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Philip Easo, left, and Kevin Philip, Gulf News subscribers from Discovery Gardens, Dubai Image Credit: Antonin Kélian Kallouche/Gulf News

His son Kevin Philip, 36, is also now a Gulf News subscriber. Philip, who is a senior project manager at a leading interior fit-out contractor, also said “the bouquet of vouchers” that come with the annual subscription “is a great offer, there’s something for everyone in it”.

Content is king

Philip added: “But what has really attracted us, the readers, has always been the content of Gulf News. It’s not just the news, it’s the add-on content, that extra bit. There’s a lot of information coming through, that’s relevant and timely.” He also likes the magazines associated with Gulf News, published by Al Nisr Publishing.

Pleasant surprise

Another long-time subscriber, Sandeep Srivastava, a project manager at Pivot Engineering, said such a subscription offer “was least expected from any quarter in such tough times; Gulf News has marvellously come out with an offer which is beyond the times today”.

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Sandeep Srivastava and his family are long time Gulf News readers Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Srivastava, 52, who has been a subscriber for 20 years, since 2001, added: “Many people will feel encouraged to renew their subscription or become a new subscriber. This is a continuation of the efforts of the newspaper that they have been offering over the decades. I’ve been a subscriber for the past two decades and my family and I have always looked forward to the renewal feature, which includes attractive vouchers. The latest offer is one of the best I’ve seen in recent times.”

Daily habit

Srivastava, who lives in Al Nahda, Sharjah, “cannot imagine a morning without my paper”, a habit he has “imbibed” since his childhood. “I’ve been an avid newspaper reader since the habit was inculcated by my parents. When I came to the UAE in 1998, this habit continued and I found Gulf News to be the best, giving me all the information I needed. I’ve gotten used to this paper and I cannot leave home in the morning without a read, even if it is just a cursory glance due to lack of time. It is mandatory for me,” he said.

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Sandeep Srivastava and his family reading Gulf News Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

If Srivastava cannot go through the paper leisurely in morning, when being pressed for time, he picks it up again when he returns home in the evening. “I don’t let a day go by without reading Gulf News. Whatever I miss reading in the morning, I go back to it in the evening.”

Timely offer

Another subscriber for 20 years, Venkata Seshaiah Nalluri, founder and chief managing director of Nalsoft, said he was pleased to see the latest annual promotion, which he is confident will attract more subscribers. The resident of Meadows, Dubai, said the vouchers as well as the reduced price of the annual subscription “really means a lot to many people, especially in these times”.

NAT GN VENKATA-1611828960192
Gulf News reader Venkata Seshaiah Nalluri with his wife Image Credit: Antonin Kélian Kallouche/Gulf News

Nalluri, 54, who is a chartered accountant, said the first thing he scans for in the paper is the latest UAE government rules that are announced. “Things are changing quite fast nowadays and Gulf News is the first source of information for all the latest announcements,” he added. Second on his list is legal advice that is explained in a Gulf News regular column on various topics, including business and employment issues, which Nalluri follows keenly. Another regular section of the paper that Nalluri looks forward to every day is news from the Indian subcontinent. He is also fond of the compact size of the paper, which was a broadsheet formerly.

Thanks to subscribers

Abdul Hamid Ahmad, CEO, Editor-in-Chief and Executive Director Publications, Gulf News, said: “I must thank all our readers for continuing to read Gulf News even in difficult times and for their loyalty over the years, which resulted in placing us as the top news media in online and print alike in the UAE. We maintain the highest percentage of market share in readership, subscription and circulation across the country. We have launched this campaign to start the year along with our readers, with the hope for a prosperous and safe 2021.”

Responding to the positive feedback of subscribers, he added: “I am happy because subscribers are happy.”

Overwhelming response

Potru Raju, Director – Circulation Sales & Distribution, Al Nisr Publishing LLC, said: “I am truly delighted that we have been able to offer such a superb package to our subscribers, who have given us their unstinting support through the years. We would like to thank all our subscribers for their overwhelming response towards our subscription campaign.”

Newsboys receive COVID-19 vaccine

Gulf News’ delivery boys received their COVID-19 vaccine at a massive drive held at the Gulf News premises on Wednesday.

All personnel delivering Gulf News to subscribers have been vaccinated Image Credit: Virndra Saklani/Gulf News

Sulfi Ali Ponnachethvil, 44, from India, said he will be now more confident and worry-free going around Dubai delivering the newspaper to loyal GN subscribers. “I will continue to follow the health and safety protocols like wearing face mask and frequent hand sanitation but now I have better protection against the virus. The vaccine was not only for my safety, but also that of our loyal subscribers who read the newspaper daily,” he said.

Potru Raju, director – Circulation Sales & Distribution, noted: “We care for our boys. We appreciate their dedication over the years in delivering Gulf News. They are always on the run in all kinds of weather. They work 365 days a year to get Gulf News delivered to our subscribers’ doors on time. Now, the readers will also be worry-free that the newspaper they read is delivered by someone vaccinated against the virus.”