Bad for children

It is really disappointing to see that the media seems to be publishing news stories just for the sake of it (‘Saudis scorn groom over virginity test move’, Gulf News, May 24). Such adult topics and issues are really not necessary for us to read at all, and do not have any content. People read the news online with their children and try to educate them further about what’s happening in their community. In schools, children are encouraged to read newspapers. But what we end up seeing online is news like this? Gulf News should look into this matter.

From Mr Waleed


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Not worth it

Please do not share news like this on Gulf News. Let’s have a decent lifestyle. Do you really think that this news is worth reading?

From Mr Godwin


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Too much space

This is an absurd situation and irresponsible behaviour on the part of the groom. Also, I find it very inappropriate for a leading English daily newspaper to give space to such stories.

From Mr M. A. R.


Facebook comment regularly reports on a range of issues from across the region and beyond. Some are very culturally based, such as this article, others, infinitely more adult in many ways, in our coverage of wars, or even the politics of the East and West.

We write for a readership interested in the world around them - from its culture to geo-politics that shape the world. This does mean we sometimes cover sensitive topics.

We handled the issue in an objective manner. Its treatment was not salacious, but based on facts. The story is representative of the attitudes of segments of society.

These stories are natural talking points. In most cases, dialogue is good, and often sensitive subjects are those that need most opportunity for discussion.

Gulf News

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