Another species extinct?

The rhino is another species fighting for survival (“Last male northern white rhino dies in Kenya: keepers”, Gulf News, March 21). Rhinos are being poached to the verge of extinction, for what? So that some rich person can get a fancy looking book end? Sudan, was my neighbour and lived in the next fence at Ol pejeta ranch at my home in Nanyuki, Kenya. You were the last of your kind, the last male Northern White Rhino on our planet. And now you are gone. Who’s next?

From Mr John Bravo Munene


Who is to blame?

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica fiasco should warn common citizens about the dangers of posting every facet of their lives on social media (“Is it time to unfriend Facebook?”,Gulf News, March 21). Our private lives have become completely public thanks to these social sites. But why blame Facebook? It is us who seek instant recognition by posting our personal lives and data on social sites.

From Mr Rajendra Aneja


‘Water Day’ should be every day

I feel sorry for the number of times I saw a dripping faucet and the water overflowing from a sink, all for nothing (“Letters: Need to be preserved and reused”, Gulf News, March 22). I do what I can and try to tighten it but sometimes faucets are lose and need professional attention. There are instances too like while walking on streets with big villas, I see gardeners cleaning and watering plants with a hose. They sprinkle water all over and clean the floor using water instead of using floor brushes to minimise the water consumption. With a nice good morning greeting, I remind them to conserve water, telling them that their surroundings are already clean. At least when they were interrupted for a while, they stopped watering the plants and at least 10 to 20 litres can be saved.

From Ms Corazon Tarcena


Battle of the parties

After the recent political developments from other parties, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Chief Minister, N. Chandrababu Naidu has mooted the idea of moving the no confidence motion against Narendra Modi, and this is the latest development from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh (“‘BJP-RSS misusing religion to exploit sentiments of people’”, Gulf News, March 18). Having associated with the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) for four long years and just because his state has not been given a special status, he withdrew his support and now wants to moot the no confidence motion against the Modi government. However, his action may be right or wrong my opinion. In politics, everyone is self-centred and not bothered about their commitment to the people. Before promising a special status to Naidu, Modi should have thought of the repercussions. Everyone wants to safeguard his position and no one bothered about the country’s development. This is the real, harsh reality of Indian politics.

From Mr K. Ragavan


A well-deserved win

Congratulations to the men in blue, the Indian cricket team, especially Dinesh Kaarthik, whose heroics helped our team to win the Nidhahas Trophy in Sri Lanka (“Karthik stars as India clinch Nidahas Trophy final”, Gulf News, March 19). It was a real thriller of a match at Colombo. While our bowlers, especially the medium pacers, leaked runs left and right, our spinners were not only able to choke Bangladesh, but they also take vital wickets to restrict them to a total of just 166 runs. Our so called ‘world class’ batsmen should have crossed this target easily. Karthik’s hurricane knock enabled our team to win the match, right from the jaws of defeat. Definitely, we did not miss the absence of our finisher, former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. We are glad that both cricketers, Washington Sunder and Karthik proved that if they are given a regular place, they too can win matches for our country. Well done to the team, keep up this tempo.

From Mr N. Mahadevan


Smoking kills

I am writing to bring your attention to the number of smokers present, and how often we see one the streets. I came to Dubai two years ago and couldn’t help but notice groups of people smoking outside. It was as though, everywhere I went, my eyes caught somebody on the streets who was smoking. At first, I thought maybe it’s just my imagination, but unfortunately it was not. I do believe that there should be seminars held in order to raise awareness regarding the health hazards of smoking. These seminars also require to be free of cost and help make masses see the harms caused by cigarette smoking, at large. The reason why I want to get this point to your attention is because when children see smoking as something common, they will disregard its disadvantages and opt to try it.

From Ms Aisha Quddos


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