In this October 27, 2009 file photo, Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard sits in the offices of Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in Aarhus, Denmark. Image Credit: AP

Authorities in Denmark are holding a Somali man after he attempted to kill Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard on New Year's Day. Westergaard remains a potential target for revenge attacks after his rendering was among 12 that led to the torching of Danish diplomatic offices in predominantly Muslim countries in 2006. He drew a caricature of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) wearing a bomb-shaped turban.

The assailant was shot and wounded by police during his attempted attack on Westergaard. There is no doubt that the cartoon was deeply offensive to all Muslims. For his work, Westergaard is regarded with the greatest possible contempt by all who believe in the true faith of Islam. Targeting him, however, is descending to the level of a contemptuous and despicable man.

This revenge attack merely again serves to highlight the insult wrought by Danish newspapers, stoking the embers of insult with the oxygen of hatred.

Westergaard and his ilk are better forgotten.