The novel initiative of the Pakistan Association in Dubai to build a non-profit medical centre at its social club speaks volumes of the various expatriate communities’ endeavours to contribute to society — especially towards the less privileged.

The multi-speciality medical centre will be built on the ‘own-a-brick’ concept, offering 12,000 bricks — each priced at Dh1,000 — to community members so that everyone can contribute to the construction of the centre.

Such a project also highlights Dubai’s vision to integrate members of the expatriate communities into its development projects and give them a chance to create a healthy environment for all segments of society.

Even for this project, the Community Development Authority granted special permission, for the first time, to a social club to build and operate a medical centre for low-income group people.

Other departments like Dubai Health Authority, Department of Economic Development and charity groups such as Red Crescent and Dar Al Ber have also come on board for this project with the sole objective of serving the needy.

Since the CDA is playing a leading role in developing the social sector in Dubai, other social clubs and expatriate associations should also come forward to set up such community projects to provide affordable health care and educational facilities to all.

It is the best time to come up with such innovative projects in the wake of increasing population and exorbitant cost of health care and education in the private sector.