More caution needed while driving in the rain

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More caution needed while driving in the rain

It is time motorists in the UAE realise that getting behind the wheel is a matter of social responsibility

You would imagine that with the rain cycle in the UAE predictably accurate for many years now, rain-soaked days would not bring with them the same old reports of traffic accidents and motorists’ bad driving habits. Sadly, they do. Every year, rains in the UAE, while bringing about a welcome change in the weather, also result in double-digit traffic accidents. This year, it got worse. Monday’s showers led to triple-digit traffic incidents — 756 episodes within a span of eight hours in Dubai alone.

Around the UAE, three people were killed in traffic accidents. By any yardstick, this is an avoidable situation. Driving in rainy conditions is not easy, but with patience, common sense and caution, accidents can be avoided, making even worst-weather driving a safe experience. Traffic authorities in all the emirates have constantly informed motorists of the risks of poor driving conditions during inclement weather, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears. It is time every motorist understands that getting behind the wheel is not just a matter of personal privilege, but also a social responsibility. Their own safety, as well as that of the others, depends on it.

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